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So in the process of moving-in, and wearing lolita more often (I spent a lot of my summer around the house in lounge-y clothes) I’ve realized that there are some holes in my wardrobe! So I thought I would discuss some wardrobe filling.

Assess what you have. Before buying something, especially if you wear or are hoping to wear lolita very frequently, it’s important to go through your existing wardrobe first.
Try not to buy items that are too similar. If you already have a black dress with pink flowers on it, you probably don’t need another one. Of course, buying things in the same color can help with ease in coordinating, so if you have one mint dress, buying another mint dress with a print on it can be very useful.
Get rid of things you don’t wear. Whether it’s at a swap meet, on EGL Comm Sales, on E-bay, whatever! If it’s a piece you have a lot of attachment to, obviously keep it, but if it’s just something you plain don’t wear for whatever reason, sell it! That means more money for new, more useful clothes!

So this is what I’d like currently! Not these items in particular, but things like these items.
Skirts I made a couple over the summer, but I didn’t have time for as many as I would like. I’d like at least one brand skirt, and preferably a brand that I don’t own already, like Angelic Pretty or Emily Temple Cute. Baby and Meta get too much love in my closet.
Shoes I have good basic shoes, but I’d like a little more range in my coordinates, and I think that a greater variety of shoe color could really help that! Ideally, red and brown are on the top of my wishlist, but I’d love some bright pink or yellow shoes at some point as well.
Plain Colors Oh man, I am so bad at this. I always want prints. It’s not necessarily that I don’t like plain-colored dresses, it’s just that the prints are all so beautiful and intricate that I get drawn in to buying them every time. I’d love a plain mint, pink, or light blue dress.