I have these two lovely skirts very soon to be on their way to me from Alice Fururun thanks to my darling boyfriend Sam, who offered to help with some wardrobe building I’ve been sorely needing. The first is actually the very same Colorful Drop skirt from Angelic Pretty I used in my post the other day, and I didn’t realize it until looking at that very post just now. Strange! This should be useful in both more dressed-up and casual coordinates, which is something I look for in a skirt. The second is Alice and the Pirates’ Horoscope (or Constellation, I’ve seen it listed as both) print. I must admit that this is not the most versatile item, but I love stars and constellations so I’m very excited to have it. Plus, it will give me more of an excuse to wear lavender, which is awesome.

Are you ladies looking forward to anything coming in the mail? I love the thrill of waiting on a package or a letter!