Lolita Fashion

There’s about a million places that can summarize exactly what lolita fashion is and what it means to the people who wear it better than I, so here’s a quick link list if you’re curious or just getting started.

The Lolita Handbook is an excellent source for those just starting out. It’s got plenty of helpful tips and tricks, as well as a great overview of all the styles.
The EGL Livejournal Community is the quintessential lolita community on the internet. Looking through the memories will pretty much tell you anything you wanted to know. Be sure to read the rules and check the memories before making a post, though!
Lolita Fashion.Org is also an excellent resource, with another great overview on styles and plenty of links.
Avant Gauche has an excellent gallery and a very thorough link list.

If there’s any questions in particular you’d like to ask me about me or my posts, don’t hesitate to comment! I’m always happy to help.


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