So, as a lolita, I use a lot of terms that are probably pretty foreign or crazy to people who aren’t involved in lolita fashion. So just in case there’s something you’re unfamiliar with something, here’s a handy guide to unfamiliar words!

Stands for Angelic Pretty, one of the most popular sweet lolita brands.

Is short for Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, another major brand.


A cutsew is a cute shirt made with a knit material.


Emily Temple Cute, a lolita/otome brand.


Stands for “Jumperskirt” which is really just a dress without sleeves.

Is short for Metamorphose, which is another major lolita brand. However, the full name is “Manifesteange Metamorphose Temps de Fille”, lolitas just don’t often call it as such because it would take 10 minutes to say.

Is an abbreviation for “One-Piece” which is basically a dress with sleeves.


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