In which she discusses getting casual…

In the past decade or so lolita has wandered from something weird but fairly casual to something super over the top, almost exclusively reserved for meetups and events. A few girls in my local community were discussing more casual lolita lately, and it’s something near and dear to my heart, but I feel like it’s gone a bit by the wayside, even in my own wardrobe! So I thought I’d pull a few coordinates together and talk about just how to wrangle more casual styles.


I think something that’s not talked about too often is you actually have to have the stuff to make casual coords! It’s not necessarily a whole different wardrobe, but there are some components you might not have if you exclusively wear very detailed OTT pieces.

  • Shrugs, Cardigans, and Cutsews– I find that blouses, in general, don’t really lend themselves to casual looks. It’s totally possible, but it’s way easier to get a laid back feel with a less stiff piece of clothing!
  • Skirts– I feel like skirts get a bad rep in the community. They’re harder to coordinate, so a lot of folks don’t buy them? But I love a good skirt, and they tend to be a little less over the top and easier coordinate with casual styles.
  • Casual Headwear– You can totally wear larger headbows with casual looks, but smaller headbands, bows, clips, and berets are a lot easier to incorporate into the style. Plus, if you’re forgoing a wig these are easier to balance with natural hair.


Rainbow Cute!

This first one is I think what people think of when they think of casual lolita? The cutsew, knee socks, and flat shoes all kind of lend themselves to a casual look, while the jewelry adds just enough detail.

Okay I seriously like this one. Kitchy and Fun!

This is a bit more of an attempt to tone down what would otherwise be a kind of OTT dress. The front might look a little plain, but this JSK has a bustle back haha. A cute cardigan over top, some kitchy accessories, and simple legwear keep it casual.

Cozy Vibes!

And heeeeere’s where I stray a little off course. For those who’ve been following me for a long time, you know I don’t love a strict rule set, and casual lolita is definitely where that line starts to blur for me! I really like a soft cozy sweater with lolita? It goes in kind of a mori direction, and I find that charming and cozy. I kept everything else more or less strictly lolita to kind of adjust for the overly casual top.

Spooky Scary Skeletons!

Pardon me while I veer off the rails into what is maybe not even lolita anymore territory haha. This has a lot of the same principles as the last coord, with a little less effort to fully disguise the t-shirt haha. I think I’d feel a bit better about this if I had a detachable black peter pan collar, in all honesty. But in general, I would totally rock this look. It’s comfy and cute and spooky! (The shirt is from Lord of Masks, whom I love with all my witchy heart)

Hair & Makeup

This one can be a little tricky, depending on your comfort level, what your hair looks like, etc. Generally for casual the idea is less is more.

If you’re comfortable wearing your own hair, then go for it! If not, maybe choose a simple, short, or more natural wig! I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of curly bob styles for casual looks, but you can definitely make a longer wig work.

Also consider cute hair styles! I think braids, pigtails, and buns are totally fine for wearing with casual. It adds a little interest, and keeps your hair out of your way, which is super practical!

Makeup-wise, it’s again kind of a personal preference. To me, pretty light makeup and natural looks are comfortable and fine! But I wouldn’t say heavier makeup doesn’t have a place in casual lolita. A more fun and colorful look or something a bit heavier and gothy if you swing that direction, would be super cute! The key is that it’s comfortable for you!


This post ended up super long haha! I hope it was helpful, I know making such a generally unusual and over the top style casual can be a bit hard to wrap your brain around. In making coordinates I’m much more excited to wear more casual lolita around town, and I hope you are too!


In which she discusses a new year…

I feel like the last few years for me as a lolita has been kind of a mixed bag, and I’ve been not as motivated in the fashion as I’d like to be. So while I’m not usually one for resolutions, I wanted to try a make more of a lolita to-do list for the upcoming year!

I know it might not seem like too much, but I wanted to keep things fairly easy to do, but still more motivating than this year!

  • 10 Meetups/Events: I went to maybe….6-7 events this year? But I’d like to make more of an effort this year! My comm has put on so many nice meetups lately ♥ and I’m already RSVPed for a cool photoshoot meetup in January!
  • Sew More: This one’s pretty self-explanatory, I’ve done some lolita sewing in the latter half of the year, but I’d like to do some more practical sewing, which leads us to the next item…
  • Focus on Wardrobe Building: I tend to sew or buy stuff that I find fun or interesting, rather than what I actually need. I want to kind of assess my wardrobe early in the year and see what gaps need filling!
  • Wear More Casual Lolita: I used to wear casual lolita all the time and a lot of people I think found me back when I first started this blog because of that, so I’d like to do more casual dressing up, and wearing lolita not just for meetups!
  • Post at Least Twice a Month: This may not seem like a huge amount, but I honestly wanted to keep the bar kind of low, so that on busy months I won’t feel quite so pressured.

I hope this was interesting! Do you guys have any resolutions or plans for the new year in lolita?

In which she is a sweet shop witch…

I mentioned a little while back that I went to a Harry Potter themed meetup, and it was so much fun!! We had some lovely food, did a themed trivia quiz (I can never remember all 5 of Dumbledore’s names, can you?), and everyone’s outfits were themed and amazing! Lots of folks came in their house colors and looked fabulous, but yet again I wandered off the beaten path on theme!

  • JSK & Bag: BTSSB
  • Bolero, Sash, & Hat: Handmade
  • Tights: Forever 21
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Wig: Epic Cosplay
  • Giant Lollipop: Hobby Lobby

I went for a Honeydukes shop witch coordinate! I love the aesthetics of the movie version of the store, all pink and mint. It was fun to pull in details from those sets too!

I made my hat from scratch, decorating it with mini paper forms of Honeydukes sweets and tiny candies from the Hobby Lobby mini tree section haha! I even altered the colors on the candy boxes to match my color scheme.

I also made myself a Honeydukes rosette! The logo was ironed on to felt (didn’t know that was feasible until I did this project!) and I made a sparkly sash to match!

I think the project I was most pleased with for this was my bolero though! It was totally handmade, super comfy, and I’m really looking forward to getting more outfits out of it in the future! I always need more shrugs and things, I should really make some more often!

This was really such a fun meetup all together. It was nice seeing friends and chatting about Harry Potter! The series was such a huge part of my childhood, and it was fun to relive that a little bit at this meetup.

In which she gussies up the place…


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When I came back to blogging, I knew I would have to fix up the blog itself. I’ve had the same header for a literal age, and I don’t even own have the dresses featured in it anymore! So I asked my lovely friend and artist Em if she would do a bit of an art trade with me, and she agreed!

Her half of the trade is my super adorable header and this sweet portrait icon, and I’ll be sewing a cute furry collar for her winter wardrobe! I’m over the moon to have such cute art on my blog, I just love Em’s lolita illustrations. You can check out more of her art at her portfolio! I’ll be starting work on her collar soon, and I’ll share some photos when I finish!

In which she shares a themed coordinate…



It’s a bit after Halloween now, but I thought I’d share my coordinate from a few weeks ago anyway! My community had a super lush vampire themed meet, complete with gothic decor, lots of tasty food, and so many lovely coordinates! I thought I’d take the theme to a bit of the opposite direction and make a vampire hunter outfit!

  • Jacket, Skirt, Accessories: Handmade
  • Necklace: Moss Marchen
  • Tights: Target
  • Boots: Thrifted
  • Wig: Arda Wigs

I had a lot of inspirations for this one, mainly Castlevania character designs, military lolita, and Vampire Hunter D! I also made a lot of accessories, for this, including a bible purse, holy water, and carving a stake!

The meet was so fun, and I was really pleased with my look overall, especially given that so much of it was handmade! I adore themed meetups and I’m headed to a Harry Potter one this weekend, so look forward to photos from that!

In which she’s back again…



Long time no see! Someone asked me about my blog the other day and it really got me thinking. I don’t know if blogging really has that much of a place in lolita anymore, but I also feel like I have things to say again. Lolita has had such a weird, profound, and lasting impact on my life for whatever reason, and every time I stray away a little bit, I always come back to it.


I’m not a lifestyle lolita anymore. I’m not really even a sometimes lolita, I’m more of an events and fancy occasions and sometimes-when-I-feel-guilty-about-my-closet-full-of-ruffles lolita. But I still pull my dressses out when I’m feeling really blue, or if the situation calls for it. I still run panels at local cons. I still make, and thrift, and buy second-hand. I still wear more casually and nerdy than some lolitas might think I should.


My community is actually pretty dang active! Thanks to a some very well put-together girls we regularly have some beautiful meetups with things like door prizes and themes! Honestly, I never thought I’d go to a fancy event like that, which seems silly now. But I appreciate those sorts of efforts so much, and seeing how much the community has grown is really touching to me.


I’ve got some stories to tell, and coordinates to share, and I’m sure some rants left up my sleeve. Oh, and I’ll track down some really good WTFs of the Week too, those were always some of my favorites! So uh…welcome back I guess. I’m happy to be here!



In which she has been a lolita for a very long time…


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So I’ve discovered that this year is my 10th Lolita Anniversary! I’ve seen a lot of styles come and go, our method of community organization almost completely change, and I’ve worn a lot of outfits. I helped to start a community which is still going strong and I’ve made a lot of lovely friends. I’ve hosted panels, organized meet ups, made clothing, and blogged for quite a while.

In honor, I thought I would do a couple of timeline posts. Some years I have a lot of photos and information and some years I don’t. But I thought it would be a nice way for me to reflect and nice little walk through memory lane for lolitas who have been around for as long as I have! I think it’ll also probably be pretty interesting for the newer lolitas who don’t know a whole lot about what lolita used to be like!

To kick off, I’m starting with 2005-2008! These are the years I have the least amount of photos and such.

Back when I started in 2005 lolita was a very different fashion. The style we now refer to as old school still reigned supreme and sweet was really starting to come into it’s own. The EGL LJ community was the main resource for information and I posted a couple of these to the community with very nice responses! It was before
EGL was really known for it’s very critical attitude.

The picture with the strawberry skirt is I think my first official lolita outfit, and really considering a lot of first outfits around that time it definitely wasn’t the worst I could have worn!


I’m really lacking in photos for 2006! It was a pretty big year for the English-speaking lolita community, as Kamikaze Girls was released this year. The fashion started to get a bit more structured this year, and the original Lolita Handbook was posted to LJ this year as well! EGL started to get a bit more serious, which is probably why I didn’t take as many pictures. I was probably afraid to post!

I still really like the dino dress, as silly as it is. It was a pretty nice coord too, if I remember correctly. The black outfit is also pretty nice. Good job, 18 year old Megan!

I literally have nothing for 2007! It was my first year of college and it was pretty rough so I don’t remember wearing my full-out frills very often. I also didn’t have my own camera, digital cameras were still pretty expensive at the time. Oh how things have changed!


One lone outfit for 2008! Not a great one either I’m afraid. 2008 was the year that OTT sweet started becoming a thing and I got a little bit lost in my fashion taste. I was pretty standardly a sweet lolita at this point, so when sweet lolita became a different thing it was a little confusing.

I hope you all enjoyed this little stroll through memory lane, I’ll be doing a couple more posts like this as kind of an extended timeline, and as a better way to hold on to these photos (a lot of them were collecting dust in an old photobucket album!)


In which she catches up a little…


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This last year was definitely not my proudest for blogging, or lolita for that matter! I wasn’t able to make it to a lot of meetups and after I left my job that I wore lolita to once a week I kind of fell off the horse as far as wearing it casually. I’ve been missing it a lot lately though, so I’m going to try and do at least a post a month this year and wear lolita much more often! Here’s a couple of outfits to get the year started off right:


  • JSK: Baby, Bag
  • Socks: Innocent World
  • Shoes, Blouse, Bloomers, Wristcuffs: Bodyline
  • Crown: Handmade

I kicked off the year with Ichibancon, and I had a great time this year! I haven’t been in a few years so it’s grown quite a bit. I went to the tea party, which had a royal theme, and it was a lot of fun!


We had a very lucky table, and 3 of us won prizes for our coordinates! I’m very excited to try out some coords with my new accessories and I’ve already used the awesome mug :D


  • OP: Emily Temple Cute
  • Headband & Necklace: Sweet Mildred
  • Tights: Sock Dreams
  • Cardigan: Forever 21 (dyed by me!)
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Purse: Vintage

In keeping with my efforts to wear lolita more often, I wore this just to run some errands. It was nice to get back to wearing lolita casually, now I just need to keep it up!


I love love LOVE this necklace from Sweet Mildred. I can’t believe I never thought to wear it with this OP, it matches really well!

IMG_3824And a little print photo for good measure. Gotta love Pippi!


In which she shares a Bodyline haul…


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So recently Bodyline had a shoe sale (it’s actually still going on!) And I’ve been needing a few basics shoe-wise for a while so I jumped on the deal and bought 3 whole pairs of shoes and threw in a couple of clothing pieces for good measure.

I actually went with all shoes I already own in different colors. Kind of boring, I guess, but I know that I like these styles and that they’re comfortable enough for convention/meetup wear so I went with what I know.


First off, my order came in a box! I’ve never seen one of these, so I was quite surprised.


Here’s a peek inside. Yup, shoe boxes!


Very impressive.


First up is a pair of SHOES272! I own these in cream and I love them. Just the right heel height and width to be elegant but comfortable.


I needed pink shoes so bad! I’ve had my old ones since my very first Bodyline order way back when and they were definitely getting worn out. Plus, they were so tall that they weren’t really working for me for more walking-heavy occasions. This pair of SHOES251 is just perfect for that. I’ve got these in black and I can comfortably fit some insoles in them for the ultimate comfy lolita convention shoes.


I was on the fence about these because I didn’t really need them in the same way that I was sorely lacking in brown and pink shoes, but I just couldn’t resist them. Even if they did make my shipping price double. These are SHOES194, and I’ve got a pair of them in red. Like my red ones, I plan on chopping off the straps. I haven’t had black RHS in so long, I’m very excited to coordinate some old school looks with them!


Along with shoes I picked up a few clothing things. These wristcuffs were for a friend so I just kept them in the packaging.


I grabbed a cute pink cutsew to wear with skirts!


Here it is out of the packaging. This is L410 and it’s in their blouse section but trust me, it’s a cutsew. The fabric is a nice lightweight knit, very soft! The lace is nice enough and the fit range is probably much bigger than the site suggests.


Here’s a shot of the back! Just a little corset lacing. I can tell this will be nice and comfy for more casual outfits. I’ll have to try it under a JSK at some point, I’m not sure how it will look.


I also grabbed a cute minty skirt!


This is their Cinderella Bunny print, L482 is the number. It’s cute! Even when in dire need of a steam. The print has a soft look to it and the designs are really sweet. Little prince bunny is my favorite.

Overall I’m very happy with my order. The shoes I already knew what to expect basically, but the sale prices were really nice and allowed me to fix up my shoe closet immensely. Plus some inexpensive cute pieces that I think will work into my wardrobe very well!


In which she shares a few outfits and an announcement…


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It’s been so long! I’m so sorry. I got swept up in a huge amount of sewing for Dragoncon and life has been really hectic. So here I am! Making a post!

I haven’t been wearing lolita super often for the past few months just because it’s been so hot. I’m really enjoying the cooling temperatures around here. I do have a few outfits from the past little while to share though. I don’t remember dates for all of these, but I do remember what order they went in.

  • IMG_2813OP: Emily Temple Cute
  • Socks: Innocent World
  • Bag: Baby
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Bow: Makelovely Designs

An old school coordinate! I love these socks. I really want some in every color now.


I wore this for a nice meetup of antiquing and food. It was really fun! We pretty much all wore black ironically, despite the blazing summer sun. I finally got around to finishing this JSK, I’ve been sitting on the fabric for a little while now. I’m super happy with how it turned out, but I’ll have to get better pictures. It’s hard to see the details with all that floral!


Just a bit of a fall outfit for one of our first cool days in a loooong time! I love this vest, it matches so many things.

The other thing I have to post about is the opening of my shop! For now I’m planning on selling mostly accessories, and currently it’s mostly full of bows and headbands for your browsing pleasure.

I’ll definitely be posting more often now that the weather’s a bit cooler! I’ve got a Halloween outfit already in the works for a meetup in early November. I hope you all are doing well!