I don’t normally do this sort of post, but today was interesting in respect to people’s reactions to me, so I thought I’d share.

On a normal basis, I get few comments. The cafeteria ladies are always happy to see me, and I normally get some responses from friends about my outfit. About once every other day or so I’ll get some stupid comment, and once in a month or so I’ll get someone who recognizes the fashion or is actually curious about it.

Today was surreal. I don’t have class until 5 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I can sleep late and wake up for lunch. One of the cafeteria ladies I love was swiping cards today, so I got a warm hello and a hug from her.

I ran into a girl who likes to wear lolita whom I had met briefly on a previous occasion recruiting for my dorm, and we had a nice little chat.

I went to get some pasta, and the girl in front of me said she liked my outfit, and asked me a bit about the fashion. We talked a little about where it was from and how long I’d been wearing it.

A few girls I passed on the way to my table said they liked my dress.

Some girls at the table next to us tapped me on the shoulder and asked me a bit about the fashion, and what all I was wearing.

A girl stopped me on the way out of the cafeteria to ask where I got my clothes, and to say how much she liked my outfit.

A guy called me “Little Bo Peep” on my way to dinner and I responded with “I’ve never heard that one before,” in a very sarcastic tone (I had a girl ask me if I was looking for my sheep the other day, I’m not really feeling all the Bo Peep references lately), but he immediately apologized and said that he meant it as a compliment, and that he really liked my oufit.

I let a couple of girls into the dorm who were lost, and they complimented my dress and my parasol, and said they’d seen me around campus.

A girl asked for a picture of me. And I happily posed and smiled.

This is all very unusual for me. If you’ve ever worn lolita to school or just out and about in regular life, you know how rarely people react with more than a snide comment, stare, or a brief compliment. So to have such an overwhelming positive reaction was surprising and very pleasant. Lets hope this keeps up for the rest of the semester!