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There’s a meet-up this weekend for my local group of lolitas that my lovely friend Derin is organizing, and I’ve been trying to pull together my Emergency Meet-up Kit. It’s so important, it gets to be bolded. Here it is in all it’s glory:

Safety Pins
Bobby Pins

Other Optional Contents:
Needle & Thread
Comfy Shoes

These are pretty much my go-to things that I don’t really normally have in my purse (except my camera, Lolita 365 kind of requires that to be with me) but I always bring to meet-ups for those just-in-case situations. I think most of these are pretty self-explanatory. Oh, except maybe the scissors, you know how occasionally (especially if it’s something you finished in a hurry the night before) you’ll get those little threads hanging off your skirt? That’s what those are for. And if you have to defend yourself against a hoard of angry normal people disturbed by lolitas in their general presence. I also almost always carry my Innocent World parasol, it’s waterproof so it’s perfect if we get stuck in a sudden shower, and it always looks cute with my outfit.

Oh and I reached 14,000 hits the other day! How crazy is that!? Crazy, crazy, that’s what. So expect some sort of freebie sometime soon! I’m running out of ideas haha. Expect another meet-up advice post a little later this week, as well as a little project I’ve been working on that’s kind of interesting I think.