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Winter Lolita Day is this weekend! Are you excited? I know I am. In honor of one of the most popular meetup days of the year I decided to make a post with some tips and tricks for meetup days.

  • Plan your outfit before hand. By this I mean at least a day in advance, nothing can make a meetup more stressful than hurrying to pick out something to wear day-of! I’d also recommend trying it on and making sure everything looks alright before settling on it. What looks awesome in your head might not work so well when it’s actually on you.
  • Leave your outfit out the night before. This is a big time saver. Even if you’ve picked out everything to wear, having it in one place saves time and stress. Don’t forget the accessories! The last thing you want if you’re running late is to not be able to find a ring or bracelet.
  • Give yourself plenty of time. Getting dressed as a lolita can be time consuming! Especially for meetups, where we go all-out. I like to give myself two hours to get ready, and budget my time accordingly. I know that sounds ridiculous but when you think about things like putting on makeup, applying fake eyelashes, putting on a wig or styling your own hair, making sure you have all your needed supplies and budgeting a little bit to grab a snack before you go, it all adds up!
  • Eat before you leave. Speaking of snacks! This doesn’t apply to all meetups, obviously if you’re going to be going to tea or a restaurant or something you shouldn’t do this. But if you’re planning on doing something else, especially something that involves a lot of walking like going to a zoo or museum, something as simple as a granola bar makes a world of difference!
  • Emergency Meetup Kit! I talked about this in this post last year. It’s always good to put together a little bag of odds and ends like safety pins and lipgloss that could be of use at a moment’s notice! Also consider if there’s something you’re wearing that might get uncomfortable (i.e. giant shoes, super heavy wig, etc.) consider bringing a replacement just in case.
  • Gather info. Don’t forget to look up where you’re going ahead of time. If you think you might get lost or be late, getting the organizer’s contact info might be a good idea. Not everyone likes to give it out for obvious reasons, but it is a good option if you feel like you might make people wait.
I hope these were helpful! Do you guys have any big plans for lolita day? My local group is going to an art museum and a bakery :D