Long time no see! Someone asked me about my blog the other day and it really got me thinking. I don’t know if blogging really has that much of a place in lolita anymore, but I also feel like I have things to say again. Lolita has had such a weird, profound, and lasting impact on my life for whatever reason, and every time I stray away a little bit, I always come back to it.


I’m not a lifestyle lolita anymore. I’m not really even a sometimes lolita, I’m more of an events and fancy occasions and sometimes-when-I-feel-guilty-about-my-closet-full-of-ruffles lolita. But I still pull my dressses out when I’m feeling really blue, or if the situation calls for it. I still run panels at local cons. I still make, and thrift, and buy second-hand. I still wear more casually and nerdy than some lolitas might think I should.


My community is actually pretty dang active! Thanks to a some very well put-together girls we regularly have some beautiful meetups with things like door prizes and themes! Honestly, I never thought I’d go to a fancy event like that, which seems silly now. But I appreciate those sorts of efforts so much, and seeing how much the community has grown is really touching to me.


I’ve got some stories to tell, and coordinates to share, and I’m sure some rants left up my sleeve. Oh, and I’ll track down some really good WTFs of the Week too, those were always some of my favorites! So uh…welcome back I guess. I’m happy to be here!