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So I’ve discovered that this year is my 10th Lolita Anniversary! I’ve seen a lot of styles come and go, our method of community organization almost completely change, and I’ve worn a lot of outfits. I helped to start a community which is still going strong and I’ve made a lot of lovely friends. I’ve hosted panels, organized meet ups, made clothing, and blogged for quite a while.

In honor, I thought I would do a couple of timeline posts. Some years I have a lot of photos and information and some years I don’t. But I thought it would be a nice way for me to reflect and nice little walk through memory lane for lolitas who have been around for as long as I have! I think it’ll also probably be pretty interesting for the newer lolitas who don’t know a whole lot about what lolita used to be like!

To kick off, I’m starting with 2005-2008! These are the years I have the least amount of photos and such.

Back when I started in 2005 lolita was a very different fashion. The style we now refer to as old school still reigned supreme and sweet was really starting to come into it’s own. The EGL LJ community was the main resource for information and I posted a couple of these to the community with very nice responses! It was before
EGL was really known for it’s very critical attitude.

The picture with the strawberry skirt is I think my first official lolita outfit, and really considering a lot of first outfits around that time it definitely wasn’t the worst I could have worn!


I’m really lacking in photos for 2006! It was a pretty big year for the English-speaking lolita community, as Kamikaze Girls was released this year. The fashion started to get a bit more structured this year, and the original Lolita Handbook was posted to LJ this year as well! EGL started to get a bit more serious, which is probably why I didn’t take as many pictures. I was probably afraid to post!

I still really like the dino dress, as silly as it is. It was a pretty nice coord too, if I remember correctly. The black outfit is also pretty nice. Good job, 18 year old Megan!

I literally have nothing for 2007! It was my first year of college and it was pretty rough so I don’t remember wearing my full-out frills very often. I also didn’t have my own camera, digital cameras were still pretty expensive at the time. Oh how things have changed!


One lone outfit for 2008! Not a great one either I’m afraid. 2008 was the year that OTT sweet started becoming a thing and I got a little bit lost in my fashion taste. I was pretty standardly a sweet lolita at this point, so when sweet lolita became a different thing it was a little confusing.

I hope you all enjoyed this little stroll through memory lane, I’ll be doing a couple more posts like this as kind of an extended timeline, and as a better way to hold on to these photos (a lot of them were collecting dust in an old photobucket album!)