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You won’t see me outside like this for more than an hour in the next few months…

Today is the official beginning of summer! Of course, being that I live in North Carolina, it’s been 90-something degrees and super humid for the past 3 weeks, summer always comes early here! I was thinking of some nice air-conditioned or night time loli activities to do, so I thought I’d share.
Play with Sparklers! These will be easier to find in the next couple of weeks for all of you American lolitas, what with the 4th of July almost being here. This tutorial is pretty useful for taking cool photos of sparklers! Just be careful, the last thing you want is a burnt dress D:
Have an Ice Cream Social Pop in a much-loved lolita movie (Marie Antionette and Shimotsuma Monogatari come to mind…), get a couple of containers of ice cream, a ton of toppings, and have an evening of deliciousness. Strawberries, chocolate syrup, marshmallows, sprinkles, and whip cream for me please!
Make Iced Tea or Sweet Tea, for all you fellow southerners. Mom got out the pitcher a few weeks back, summer in the south means tea and lots of it! Of course, you don’t have to live in the southern US to enjoy a cool glass of tea on a hot summer’s day. In lieu of the normal giant amounts of sugar, we put in just a bit and add sweet flavor with a bag or two of lemon or berry tea along with the normal Lipton.
Have a Crafty Party Choose something simple, like small hair bows to sew or learning to knit, and then host a lesson. Alternatively, if you already know lots of crafty lolitas, just have them all over for an UFO (Unfinished Objects) party, it’s a great way to finally finish something and enjoy the company of others!
Create Your Own DrinkMy friend Allison did this for her birthday party recently and it was so much fun. Get a bunch of different kinds of juices, glasses, and alcohol (if you’re of age!) and just try different combinations.
Other Options: Catch fireflies, have an indoor picnic, build a fort, have an indoor picnic in said fort, make your own popsicles, visit an aquarium, make a no-bake cheesecake, paint your toenails bright bright pink, fold paper stars, make a summer music playlist, climb a tree, go boating, and watch the clouds go by!