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I told you guys this would a summer full of sewing! So first up, I have some pictures of my bonnet that I wore for Animazement to share.

The flowers are on hair clips, so I can take them off if it’s too much with my giant checkered bonnet with a feather on the side. Uhm. Yes. It’s all hand-sewn, the inside structure is actually plastic canvas because I was hard-pressed to find buckram at the time. I wanted to make something really ridiculous, and I think I succeeded pretty well!

And a side view! God I love that feather. So silly.

And! In more current sewing news, I’m fixing up some blouses. I got these both for like…$7 at K-Mart this winter haha. I like them, but I think I’d get a lot more use out of them short sleeved, first of all. So the sleeves are being chopped off and replaced. Also, they’re a liiiiittle big and a liiiiittle long, especially if I want to wear them untucked with skirts. They’re mostly big around the waist, as I bought larges so that they would fit my bust, but being relatively hourglass-y, it means that the waist is big. I’m definitely going to shorten them by a few inches as well, maybe adding a ruffle at the bottom.