Okay first thing’s first. I was having trouble deciding what direction for my wardrobe to go in, so I threw a whole pile of stuff that I liked into a pinterest board. Brand releases, off brand stuff, coordinates that inspire me, my own outfits that I liked, random bits and bobs, a little bit of everything! This was super helpful, it gave me a visual way to draw connections between my taste (which is wide and varied and sometimes weird) in ways that don’t fit well in the confines of standard lolita categories. I’ve never really had an easy time categorizing my wardrobe in terms of sweet/classic/gothic, and in the past I’ve had a bad habit of impulse buying and that definitely didn’t help!

What I narrowed my current tastes down to was kind of like a bright, kitchy, heavily otome-influenced, kind of retro version of sweet lolita.

From there, I wrote myself up some guidelines! Nothing hard and fast, but some helpful things to keep in my to make my wardrobe more cohesive and keep me on track when shopping.

  • Kitchy! Funky prints, mixing prints, unusual accessories.
  • Colorful! Neutrals are okay to balance a coord, but opt for color and brights over pastels.
  • Casual! Cutsews and cardigans over blouses. Don’t be afraid of normal wardrobe items.

From there, I could whittle down my wardrobe and see what I like!

Dresses are the scariest tiny pile for me right now. But really I’m looking at selling only 2-3 dresses that fit me, the rest are just languishing in the closet.
Very smol skirt pile, but this has been small for too long! I need to make more.
Tops/Outerwear is looking okay, though I definitely need more bright options. (I also have a long-sleeved pink blouse that was in the wash!)

So this is my little capsule wardrobe for a minute. I’ve got a couple things that I’m on the fence about, namely a black jsk and skirt, and a cream skirt. I think they’ll stick around in my wardrobe for a little while to see if I actually wear them much, but I’ve grown pretty tired of more neutral coords so I doubt I’ll end up hanging onto all of them long term.

The last thing that’s a bit of an iffy item is my She is Sleeping JSK. It’s been my dream dress for the longest time, but I haven’t really worn it much. I’m going to hang onto it for now, because it’s very sentimental for me at the very least.

Next on the docket is assessing some things that need repairs, and then the arduous process of cleaning/listing/selling/shipping a whole bunch of stuff haha. Wish me luck!