In which she shares a tea dying experiment…


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cardi1I ordered a cardigan super on sale from Forever 21 a while ago and didn’t realize that it was going to be quite this neon!

cardi2I had snatched it up for a bit of yellow in my wardrobe (such a cheery color!) and especially because I thought it would look so nice with the simple, laid-back ETC styling of my Pippi OP. But obviously that bright lemon wasn’t really meshing with the nice gold toes in the print.


I looked around online but I couldn’t find too much about tea dying already colored fabrics. So I just took the plunge and figured it was a $10 cardigan and I wouldn’t be heartbroken if it didn’t work out.

cardi4But I’m pleased to say it did! It ended up the exact golden yellow that I wanted!

cardi5Here it is with Pippi again, looking all nice and matchy! I’m really pleased with the end result, I think I’ll get quite a bit of wear out of this both with lolita and casual clothes!



In which she talks about prints you warm up to…


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Sometimes I see a print and I know it’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen and that I will one day hunt it down. Sometimes I warm up to a print over time after kind of a lukewarm attitude to it in the first place. But this time I made a blog post about how dumb this was, openly mocked it for months, and then developed a mysterious fondness because it’s just so weird and silly and somehow charming?


This is a very roundabout way of telling you all that I now own Meta’s ridiculous Typewriting Squirrels.

So stupid. And yet kind of charming? Maybe?



  • Skirt: Meta
  • Cutsew, Shoes, & Wristcuffs: Bodyline
  • Socks: Sock Dreams

I even wore it out of the house! In the most toned-down coordinate I could manage. In truth though I really want to make a stupid fancy coord with it with like a lavender bonnet with little squirrels perched in it and some sort of super fancy blouse or something…maybe some tights with letters on them…punctuation themed jewelry…One day maybe!


In which she shares a year’s worth of outfits…


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All together 2013 was a nice year for me! I traveled, spent time with friends, and settled in to my new place. It was occasionally stressful but the good definitely outweighed the bad. I put together an outfit video like I did last year and here it is!

It’s nice to see a whole year’s worth of coords all together, somehow it makes me feel accomplished! Here’s to a good year in 2014!


In which she shares a lolita day outfit…


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Daily Outfit December 7, 2013:


  • JSK: h.naoto Frill
  • Blouse: Thrifted
  • Bonnet: Angelic Pretty
  • Bow & Bag: Baby
  • Floral hair clips & Jewelry & Cape: Handmade
  • Tights: Hand dyed (pink) and Forever 21 (floral)
  • Shoes: Bodyline

I went with a prinessy pink and white coordinate for winter lolita day this year! I really wanted to wear my new bonnet, and I’m very happy with how everything came together! I used this method for my curls, and it worked marvelously!

loliday13wcapeI also made a cape! It was really cold out yesterday so I was happy to have it! I lined it in fleece so it’s extra cozy.

bonnetsideshotA bonus shot of my bonnet from the side, it’s just so pretty! I had a lovely time going to tea with my comm, what did you guys do for lolita day?


In which she shares some outfits and a swap meet haul…


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I’ve been so busy lately! I feel like October is always one of the busiest months for me, partially because I’m a cosplayer and partially because fall seems to be busy in general! But I do have some outfits to post and a swap meet haul!

Daily Outfit October 9, 2013:


  • JSK: Fan Plus Friend
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Blouse: Offbrand
  • Hair Clips: Claires & H&M
  • Necklace: Meta

I was watching Hellsing this day with my anime club and I thought I’d go with a very matchy-matchy coordinate. This is pretty much as gothy as I get I suppose!

Daily Outfit October 16, 2013:mauve

  • JSK & Bows: Meta
  • Blouse: Forever 21
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Tights: Target
  • Belt: Charming Charlie
  • Bracelet: Claires

I found some mauve-y tights at Target and realized that they went perfectly with this belt!

Daily Outfit October 23, 2013:


  • JSK: Handmade
  • Tights & Bag: Target
  • Boots: Forever 21
  • Blouse: Meta
  • Bow: Baby
  • Majestic Lion Necklace (aka Reginald): Charming Charlie

I like to call this outfit “FALL FALL FALL FALL” The temperature had just gotten chilly so I dressed as autumnal as possible.

Daily Outfit October 26, 2013:


  • Skirt: Alice and the Pirates
  • Blouse & Shoes: Bodyline
  • Cardigan: Rugged Wearhouse
  • Brooch & Hat: Handmade
  • Socks: Sock Dreams

And a little witch coordinate for Halloween! I made myself a lavender witch hat and decorated it, it was quite a lot of fun to wear!

And now onto the haul! I did a little video of my witch outfit and what all I got from the meet.

Here’s some more detailed pictures:

circusCircus Tutu skirt in pink!

bonnetDay Dream Carnival bonnet!

strawberrybagAnd that adorable Bodyline Strawberry purse.

All together October was a very busy but enjoyable month! I hope everyone had a happy Halloween!


In which she shares a 1 dress 5 outfit challenge…


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It’s no secret that I love these sorts of posts. I’ve done this challenge before, and a similar theme with the same dress for four seasons! But when the theme popped up again on the Lolita Blog Carnival again this week I couldn’t resist! Too much fun! So my choice for the challenge today is…

pkAngelic Pretty’s French Cafe! I’ve had this dress for a while, but it’s by far one of my hardest to coordinate items. Mostly because of the color, it’s not a pastel pink as shown in that stock photo, but instead a much brighter pink. Not quite hot pink, not quite baby pink, somewhere in between. But I persevered and managed to figure out 5 outfits!


  • Underskirt: Old Navy
  • Bag: Baby
  • Socks: Target
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Bow: Handmade
  • Blouse: Offbrand
  • Ring: Meta

Why Is AP So Damn Short

I’m only about 5’5 and this dress is pretty short on me! So I added an underskirt, and went with a simple red and white color scheme.


  • Cardigan: Offbrand
  • Collar: Kidsyoyo
  • Tights: Target
  • Shoes & Wristcuffs: Bodyline
  • Hairstuff: Claires & Hobby Lobby
  • Bag & Charm: Baby

Look At All These Matching Pinks

It’s like some sort of miracle that everything here matches. I went with something cozy for wintertime! I think I’d actually really love a beret to go with this. I might have to go buy some bright pink yarn!


I Swear There’s Mint In This Print

  • Tights: Forever 21
  • Shoes, Cuffs, & Cutsew: Bodyline
  • Hairstuff: Claires & Hobby Lobby
  • Bag: Baby

It’s on the jam jar lids! Regardless though, pretty much everything looks good with mint to me. I probably would go with a bigger ribbon for around the neck to tie in the green a little more further up, but it was all I had around!


I Can’t Not Coordinate French Cafe With a Beret

  • Tights: Target
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Blouse: Meta
  • Belt & Beret: Amazon
  • Flower Clip: Hobby Lobby
  • Necklace: Chocomint

I like this belt with the biscuits in the print! I would love one of those biscuit bags, too. Just something pretty simple this time, some red and tan accents. Oh and a beret, for good measure.


The Black Sheep

  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Bag: Charming Charlie
  • Ring: Minty Mix
  • Jacket: Kohls
  • Headband: Claires

There’s always one outfit I have to do something crazy with, which usually involves this jacket. French Cafe’s got a bit of a 50s look to it, so I went with something that reminded me of Grease.

I hope you guys like the coordinates! This is always a fun challenge, it really gets me thinking about mixing up my same-old outfits. Here’s the other blogs who’ve taken this challenge:

A Life in DisguiseLace A la Mode ♥ Hello BattyLemon Tree 11 ♥

Alice in Lolita Land ♥ Snow Rose

In which she shares some outfits…


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I have yet again an array of outfits to post! Getting caught up on the backlog, these go all the way back to June. This one features some of my new stuff scattered in too!

Daily Outfit June 5, 2013:


  • Skirt: Meta
  • Blouse: K-Mart
  • Cardigan: Forever 21
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Tights: Sock Dreams
  • Belt: Charming Charlie

I love this outfit, but I’m not as keen on the hair. It was a bit experimental and didn’t turn out quite how I’d wanted. Pink and cream together are awesome though!

Daily Outfit August 4, 2013: doctorwhooo

  • Skirt: Meta
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Shirt: One of those $10 deal sites, you can get it on Redbubble now though!
  • Headband: Baby

I think this was the day the 12th Doctor was announced, so I wanted to wear something Doctor Who related. I love this color combo!

Daily Outfit August 9, 2013:


  • Skirt: Meta
  • Tights & Blouse: Forever 21
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Bag: Vintage
  • Hair stuff: Mostly Claires

I adore this outfit! I wore it to a meetup, and it made me feel like a fairy :D I french braided my damp hair overnight for that effect, and I think it looks very pretty with the hair-clip flower crown!

Daily Outfit August 14, 2013:


  • Wig: Anime Stuff Store
  • OP: Emily Temple Cute
  • Tights: We Love Colors
  • Shrug: Target
  • Shoes: Bodyline

Wearin’ a wig for once! I normally don’t very often outside of special occasions, but my hair was just not cooperating, and I think the red hair looks cute with Pippi!

Daily Outfit August 20, 2013:


  • JSK & Hair Bows: Meta
  • Blouse: Forever 21
  • Tights: Sock Dreams
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Bag: Vintage

Wear ALL THE CREAM! I think this was just after I got my Bodyline order and I wanted to try out my new shoes!

Daily Outfit August 21, 2013:


  • Blouse: Meta
  • Skirt: Handmade
  • Socks: Sock Dreams
  • Shoes & Wristcuffs: Bodyline
  • Hairstuff: Handmade, Hobby Lobby, Claires, H&M (it’s a lot of stuff haha)

I adore this outfit! Rainbow goodness with lavender!

Daily Outfit September 4, 2013:


  • JSK: Baby
  • Shoes & Wristcuffs: Bodyline
  • Bracelet: Chocomint
  • Ring & Blouse: Meta

A Madoka outfit! We’re watching it with my anime club so I couldn’t resist. I haven’t worn my hair in pigtails in ages. I feel like I’m kind of old for it at this point, but it fit the character!

madokaHere’s a closeup of my soul gem necklace! I bought it as a phone strap and put together the necklace myself. I really love it and it should be something that’s easy to incorporate into my lolita outfits.

Daily Outfit September 18, 2013:


  • Blouse & Skirt: Meta
  • Vest & Stockings: Target
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Bow: Baby
  • Bag: H&M
  • Ridiculous Lion Necklace: Charming Charlie

I love this outfit, but it turned out to be very unlucky for me. I wore this to work for an event and I was behind the counter for less than an hour and managed to spill espresso on my skirt and get chocolate syrup on my blouse D: Thankfully both have come out just fine, but it was a bit stressful!

Also, I just started making youtube videos again! Here’s my jumping off point, just a little hello and an outfit:

Hopefully I’ll do more of those soon!


In which she shares a Bodyline review…


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♥ Part 1 ♥ Part 2 ♥ Part 3 ♥ Part 4 ♥

Time for the Bodyline order! I got two pairs of shoes, two pairs of wrist cuffs, and a blouse! I used the yen trick, which cut probably $40 off my order, and I went with EMS shipping because it wasn’t that much more and I’m impatient haha. It took about 4 business days to arrive.

bodylinereview1Package! Nothing special, just a shipping envelope.

bodylinereview3Oh yeah, that’s right, I got the mystical and rarely seen Bodyline shoe box! I was so surprised!

bodylinereview4Especially because I got not one, but two! Both of my pairs of shoes came all nicely wrapped up in shoe boxes by some mysterious stroke of luck.

bodylinereview5Here’s pair number one!

bodylinereview6They even had the little plastic things to keep the shoes from getting crunched in shipping. Crazy. These are Shoes274 in owh (off-white) which are definitely regular white, but I find that’s pretty much always the case with Bodyline’s owh things.

bodylinereview10I went with these because I wanted something comfortable and a bit more mature than tea party type shoes, I realized a lot of the clothes I would wear these with aren’t super sweet-sweet. I got them in size 24.5, which is what I’ve worn in Bodyline shoes for ages. I’ve bought 7 pairs of shoes from them and only had them run large once. When I first ordered shoes I measured my feet and went from there, and the size works well for me!

bodylinereview11Little heart buckle detail. These have the little snaps under them, and they are adjustable but not a ton. The heels are nice and walkable, and I find these shoes really comfortable!

bodylinereview12The bows on the toes are secure, sewn on rather than glued, and I can’t find any faults with them!

whiteshoesonHere they are worn! The only thing I will warn about is the obvious problem of patent white shoes scuffing. I’ve worn them 3 times now and already have a couple of scuffs on them. I will say that I’ve had luck in the past using Mr Clean Magic Eraser to get scuffs out, but I haven’t tried them on these yet. Regardless, these are cute and comfortable and just what I wanted!



Pair of shoes number two!

bodylinereview13These are Shoes 272 in beg (beige) and they’re a nice ivory/cream color that looks great with the cream stuff in my wardrobe. They’re comfy and the fit is good in my usual size.

creamshoesonAnd worn! I love the little wingtip detail on these, and the heels are just the right height to look elegant but not be uncomfortable.

bodylinereview2Here’s the wristcuffs and blouse in their little Bodyline bags.

bodylinereview9The wrist cuffs were kind of a last minute throw-in purchase, but I’m pretty pleased with them for the price! The white ones are ACC1234 and the black ones are ACC1031 in blk/blk (black with black ribbons) The black ones are a tiny bit scratchy (not uncommon with the kind of middle-of-the-road quality lace Bodyline uses sometimes) but they match the black blouse I got really well. The white ones are nice and soft!

bodylinereview8And the blouse! Pardon the wrinkles, this was just out of the package! This is Blouse l364 that probably everyone and their mom owns at this point, but I thought I’d talk a little about it anyway! For reference I got this in a 2L, I’ve got about a 38 in bust and a 28 in waist, so it’s a bit big on me in the waist but fits just fine in the bust! No gaping or anything, which is really nice. The lace is nice enough, and the little heart buttons and pearls are a nice touch.


Here it is worn! Black on black never photographs well haha. I’m happy with it, it’s comfortable and the quality is good for what I paid.

So altogether everything was pretty good! Some good wardrobe building staples that I’m excited to have. I hope this review was helpful, and let me know if you have any questions!















In which she shares some offbrand buys and sewing progress…


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Part 1Part 2 ♥ Part 3 ♥ Part 4

So I’ve made quite a bit of progress in my wardrobe improvement in the past few days! I bought some offbrand things, finished some sewing, and got a Bodyline order in! Things are really coming together, and I’ve been feeling more excited to wear lolita, which is great! Today I’m just going to share the offbrand and sewing things, and I’ll get a Bodyline review up in the next few days!

ebayblouseSo the first thing that came in the mail was a blouse! I didn’t really think any of the cream blouses from Bodyline would suit my classic wardrobe, and I’m trying to be careful about budgeting, so I went hunting at regular sites. I managed to find this gem for like $10 on Ebay! It’s an older Forever 21 blouse in perfect condition, fits great and is super comfortable!

beltsA couple of belts! I’d been wanting a few and Sam was ordering some stuff from Amazon so I scoured their belt section for some things I liked. These were really cheap, like maybe $15 total with shipping? I think they’ll look nice with my classic things.

rainbowskirtProbably the most exciting thing in this post, the rainbow skirt is done! I deviated from my initial gathered idea for something a little more sweet for trim. I also did my first half-elastic waistband using this tutorial. It was pretty easy and it comes out looking sooo nice! Plus it’s super comfy. I really happy with it, and I got lots of compliments when I wore it out yesterday!


I also bought/made some hair stuff recently. The little rose clips and cream and mint bows are from Claires and the little rainbow ones I made. I was running really low on the rainbow fabric by the time I was done with the skirt, so these were about all I could squeeze out of the scraps. I might go back and get a little more for a bigger bow or something, but I’m pretty happy with these for right now.

Whew, that’s quite a lot! I’m hoping to get started on one of the other skirts today, not sure which one yet.


In which she shares the craft supplies haul…


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wardrobemakeoverPart 1 ♥ Part 2 ♥ Part 3Part 4

So here’s the first steps of my wardrobe improvement: craft shopping! I went to Joanns and Hobby Lobby armed with coupons and a very weak will when it comes to sale prices, apparently. So I definitely wanted a white skirt and lavender skirt, and I ended up with the supplies to make 3 skirts instead! Thankfully there were quite a few sales going on so I didn’t spend a crazy amount. Here are the designs I’m planning on:

skirtdesignsI’ll probably add a ruffle to the bottom of the lavender skirt, and the weirdly drawn section at the bottom of the rainbow skirt is supposed to be a gathered section like these.

fabricPretty fabric! That’s white, lavender, and of course rainbow! When I saw it I couldn’t resist. Plus, the idea behind this wardrobe makeover is added versatility, and what could be more versatile than fabric with ALL THE COLORS?

closeupIt’s a bit hard to see in the last photo, so I took a close-up of the lavender. Yup, those are sparkles.

lacePicked up some lace! Top lace will be for the white skirt, I’ll be (attempting) to dye the middle lace lavender to go with the lavender skirt, and the bottom will be used for the rainbow skirt if I feel like I need it.

othersuppliesAnd here’s all the fairly uninteresting things haha. Zippers and elastic for half-elastic waistbands, thread, skirt hooks, interfacing, and purple dye.

yarnThis also made it’s way into my basket at Hobby Lobby. It matches my lavender fabric perfectly, and it was on sale! So maybe I’ll make some accessories to match? A detachable collar or a beret or something, not sure yet.

So anyway! I’ve got a day off tomorrow so I’m hoping to start work on things then!