I’ve been accumulating a few cute things lately and I thought I would share! A small haul, but some nice additions to my wardrobe!

First up are a couple of necklaces! The one on the left is an elegant unicorn-themed piece from Calamity’s Carnival! I’m a sucker for more understated unicorn stuff, so this was kind of a given. It would have matched well with my Last Unicorn coord from a little while ago!

The necklace on the right is obviously a stack of pancakes! It’s from RawrTiger! and not only is it adorable but it smells like maple syrup. I honestly don’t have too much that matches with it at present, but red’s one of my favorite colors so I’d like to work more of it into my wardrobe anyway.

The last thing I picked up was a super cute blouse from a vintage seller on Etsy! I loved the little cuff and collar ruffles, and the buttons are even pearly. A good chunk of my blouse wardrobe is vintage or thrifted, I find it easier to get things that fit me well, and they tend to be well priced! I needed a new pink blouse and this one fit the bill perfectly. I’m hoping to wear it to a meetup this coming weekend!

Have you all purchased anything new and fun lately? Anything you’re hunting for to round out your wardrobe?