Recently I’ve had the chance to get together with some local friends for movies and coffee and tasty food, and it’s been really nice! I do a lot of traveling for larger meets, as the bigger groups in my state are about an hour and half away from me. So it’s a nice change of pace to do some smaller local things!

  • JSK: Btssb
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Bag: Vintage
  • Collar: Handmade
  • Everything Else: Offbrand

I went to see How to Train Your Dragon 3 with a friend, and I wore kind of a casual chic coord for it! The cardi and tights are actually navy, a coord I don’t wear enough in lolita, really. I’d like to add more of it to my wardrobe!

And then we ate some tasty food! This katsudon was HUGE!!

  • JSK & Bag: BTSSB
  • Blouse & Flower Crown: Handmade
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Everything Else: Offbrand

Then I hosted the tiniest meetup haha. It ended up only being 3 of us, but it was good company and tasty food and we went to see a Bolshoi performance of Sleeping Beauty! I had to break out She is Sleeping, of course. I’ve worn this dress a few times and still feel like I haven’t quite coordinated it exactly how I wanted it, but this is definitely getting closer! I’d also really like to do a very old school look with it some time.

The performance was beautiful, of course! It was one of those theater releases of live shows, and I’d never had a chance to go, so I was really happy to finally see one! The costumes were absolutely stunning. It was really cool to see the behind-the-scenes footage before the show and during intermission too! And it was nice to enjoy it in fancy recliner movie theater seats hahaha!

It’s been nice to wear lolita in more causal, chill situations, but I’m also really excited for a bigger twinning themed meetup next month. Do you prefer smaller gatherings or bigger events?