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So recently Bodyline had a shoe sale (it’s actually still going on!) And I’ve been needing a few basics shoe-wise for a while so I jumped on the deal and bought 3 whole pairs of shoes and threw in a couple of clothing pieces for good measure.

I actually went with all shoes I already own in different colors. Kind of boring, I guess, but I know that I like these styles and that they’re comfortable enough for convention/meetup wear so I went with what I know.


First off, my order came in a box! I’ve never seen one of these, so I was quite surprised.


Here’s a peek inside. Yup, shoe boxes!


Very impressive.


First up is a pair of SHOES272! I own these in cream and I love them. Just the right heel height and width to be elegant but comfortable.


I needed pink shoes so bad! I’ve had my old ones since my very first Bodyline order way back when and they were definitely getting worn out. Plus, they were so tall that they weren’t really working for me for more walking-heavy occasions. This pair of SHOES251 is just perfect for that. I’ve got these in black and I can comfortably fit some insoles in them for the ultimate comfy lolita convention shoes.


I was on the fence about these because I didn’t really need them in the same way that I was sorely lacking in brown and pink shoes, but I just couldn’t resist them. Even if they did make my shipping price double. These are SHOES194, and I’ve got a pair of them in red. Like my red ones, I plan on chopping off the straps. I haven’t had black RHS in so long, I’m very excited to coordinate some old school looks with them!


Along with shoes I picked up a few clothing things. These wristcuffs were for a friend so I just kept them in the packaging.


I grabbed a cute pink cutsew to wear with skirts!


Here it is out of the packaging. This is L410 and it’s in their blouse section but trust me, it’s a cutsew. The fabric is a nice lightweight knit, very soft! The lace is nice enough and the fit range is probably much bigger than the site suggests.


Here’s a shot of the back! Just a little corset lacing. I can tell this will be nice and comfy for more casual outfits. I’ll have to try it under a JSK at some point, I’m not sure how it will look.


I also grabbed a cute minty skirt!


This is their Cinderella Bunny print, L482 is the number. It’s cute! Even when in dire need of a steam. The print has a soft look to it and the designs are really sweet. Little prince bunny is my favorite.

Overall I’m very happy with my order. The shoes I already knew what to expect basically, but the sale prices were really nice and allowed me to fix up my shoe closet immensely. Plus some inexpensive cute pieces that I think will work into my wardrobe very well!