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Whew, it’s been a little while! I’ve been so preoccupied with cosplay sewing I haven’t had much free time. But for now things have calmed down a little bit, and I can share some of the fun I had at Animazement.



First things first! Thank you to everyone who attended my panel with my good friend Heather, Lolita on a Budget! If you’re interested in downloading the presentation just click here! It’s got a lot of good info, and I think most of it is pretty self explanatory.

Onto some outfits!


        • Skirt: Meta
        • Tights: Forever 21
        • Bonnet, Cutsew, Hair Clips, Most of the Jewelry, Sash & Rosette: Handmade
        • Shoes: Payless (painted by me)
        • Headband: Sweet Mildred
        • Necklace: Angelic Pretty
        • Bag & Underskirt: Offbrand

I like to call this my “Squirrel Princess” coordinate! When I first got my Squirrels with Typewriters skirt I had the silly idea to do a really fancy coordinate with it, and I figured a convention is as good a time as any to make a silly fancy coord!



Here’s my head stuff! Yup. Those are squirrels. I bought some little squirrel figures from Amazon (they’re Schleich if anyone is interested in putting small animals on your head) and attached them to hair clips.


I am particularly proud of my rosette. they’re very fun to make, and I found this fabulous fancy scrapbooking sticker of a typewriter for the center. The sash is just a few ribbons and some lace sew together.


And jewelry! I found some typewriter keys also in the scrapbooking section, so I made a ring (“s” for squirrel!) and a bracelet (it says “meta”) and I put a little squirrel charm on there too, for good measure.

Altogether, I think it came out wonderfully! The little details make it extra silly but aren’t noticeable right off the bat, so it’s not to OTT.


          • JSK, Bag: Baby
          • Socks, Parasol: Innocent World
          • Blouse, Wristcuffs, Bloomers, Headdress: Bodyline
          • Shoes: E-bay

This is the outfit I wore on Sunday, super old school! I’ve been piecing this one together for a little while. Slowly but surely I’m accumulating more and more old school, it feels like dressing like the lolita I wanted to be when I first started. I should have gotten a better shot of these shoes, they’re HUGE! To be honest, I wore flats most of the day, these were just too uncomfortable after 2 days of con. But they’re amazing for pictures! They make me as tall as my boyfriend haha.


And for good measure, here’s the cosplay sewing I was slaving over! Tomoyo and Sakura from Card Captor Sakura! These are artbook outfits, we wanted something very matchy-matchy. I’m so pleased with how they came out.

Things are calm for a little while now, but I’m starting sewing plans for Dragon Con so it’ll still be busy around here!