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weheartcolors1Just a little review today! I got a couple new pairs of tights from We Love Colors recently! Their white stripes in lilac and light pink nylon/lycra solids. The solid tights are a little softer and stretchier than the white striped ones, but both seem nice and sturdy! I’ve got a pair of the white striped ones in sky blue that have lasted me years so hopefully these are the same!

weheartcolors2I threw together a couple of quick coords to show you how they matched typical lolita shades. The pink ones are a pretty good match for a standard lolita pastel pink. A little on the blue side, but definitely a close match. It’s such a hard color to find in tights too! I wanted these for when skirts are shorter or it’s colder outside and I don’t want to wear my pink knee socks.

weheartcolors3Here’s the lilac stripes! Another pretty good match, they’re a little bluer toned but definitely not far off!

Their shipping was super fast (2 days!) and their check out was easy. Plus they offer tights in literally every color you could ever want so it’s great if you’re having trouble matching things. I’ll definitely order from them again!