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Sometimes I see a print and I know it’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen and that I will one day hunt it down. Sometimes I warm up to a print over time after kind of a lukewarm attitude to it in the first place. But this time I made a blog post about how dumb this was, openly mocked it for months, and then developed a mysterious fondness because it’s just so weird and silly and somehow charming?


This is a very roundabout way of telling you all that I now own Meta’s ridiculous Typewriting Squirrels.

So stupid. And yet kind of charming? Maybe?



  • Skirt: Meta
  • Cutsew, Shoes, & Wristcuffs: Bodyline
  • Socks: Sock Dreams

I even wore it out of the house! In the most toned-down coordinate I could manage. In truth though I really want to make a stupid fancy coord with it with like a lavender bonnet with little squirrels perched in it and some sort of super fancy blouse or something…maybe some tights with letters on them…punctuation themed jewelry…One day maybe!