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Time for the Bodyline order! I got two pairs of shoes, two pairs of wrist cuffs, and a blouse! I used the yen trick, which cut probably $40 off my order, and I went with EMS shipping because it wasn’t that much more and I’m impatient haha. It took about 4 business days to arrive.

bodylinereview1Package! Nothing special, just a shipping envelope.

bodylinereview3Oh yeah, that’s right, I got the mystical and rarely seen Bodyline shoe box! I was so surprised!

bodylinereview4Especially because I got not one, but two! Both of my pairs of shoes came all nicely wrapped up in shoe boxes by some mysterious stroke of luck.

bodylinereview5Here’s pair number one!

bodylinereview6They even had the little plastic things to keep the shoes from getting crunched in shipping. Crazy. These are Shoes274 in owh (off-white) which are definitely regular white, but I find that’s pretty much always the case with Bodyline’s owh things.

bodylinereview10I went with these because I wanted something comfortable and a bit more mature than tea party type shoes, I realized a lot of the clothes I would wear these with aren’t super sweet-sweet. I got them in size 24.5, which is what I’ve worn in Bodyline shoes for ages. I’ve bought 7 pairs of shoes from them and only had them run large once. When I first ordered shoes I measured my feet and went from there, and the size works well for me!

bodylinereview11Little heart buckle detail. These have the little snaps under them, and they are adjustable but not a ton. The heels are nice and walkable, and I find these shoes really comfortable!

bodylinereview12The bows on the toes are secure, sewn on rather than glued, and I can’t find any faults with them!

whiteshoesonHere they are worn! The only thing I will warn about is the obvious problem of patent white shoes scuffing. I’ve worn them 3 times now and already have a couple of scuffs on them. I will say that I’ve had luck in the past using Mr Clean Magic Eraser to get scuffs out, but I haven’t tried them on these yet. Regardless, these are cute and comfortable and just what I wanted!



Pair of shoes number two!

bodylinereview13These are Shoes 272 in beg (beige) and they’re a nice ivory/cream color that looks great with the cream stuff in my wardrobe. They’re comfy and the fit is good in my usual size.

creamshoesonAnd worn! I love the little wingtip detail on these, and the heels are just the right height to look elegant but not be uncomfortable.

bodylinereview2Here’s the wristcuffs and blouse in their little Bodyline bags.

bodylinereview9The wrist cuffs were kind of a last minute throw-in purchase, but I’m pretty pleased with them for the price! The white ones are ACC1234 and the black ones are ACC1031 in blk/blk (black with black ribbons) The black ones are a tiny bit scratchy (not uncommon with the kind of middle-of-the-road quality lace Bodyline uses sometimes) but they match the black blouse I got really well. The white ones are nice and soft!

bodylinereview8And the blouse! Pardon the wrinkles, this was just out of the package! This is Blouse l364 that probably everyone and their mom owns at this point, but I thought I’d talk a little about it anyway! For reference I got this in a 2L, I’ve got about a 38 in bust and a 28 in waist, so it’s a bit big on me in the waist but fits just fine in the bust! No gaping or anything, which is really nice. The lace is nice enough, and the little heart buttons and pearls are a nice touch.


Here it is worn! Black on black never photographs well haha. I’m happy with it, it’s comfortable and the quality is good for what I paid.

So altogether everything was pretty good! Some good wardrobe building staples that I’m excited to have. I hope this review was helpful, and let me know if you have any questions!