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So I’ve made quite a bit of progress in my wardrobe improvement in the past few days! I bought some offbrand things, finished some sewing, and got a Bodyline order in! Things are really coming together, and I’ve been feeling more excited to wear lolita, which is great! Today I’m just going to share the offbrand and sewing things, and I’ll get a Bodyline review up in the next few days!

ebayblouseSo the first thing that came in the mail was a blouse! I didn’t really think any of the cream blouses from Bodyline would suit my classic wardrobe, and I’m trying to be careful about budgeting, so I went hunting at regular sites. I managed to find this gem for like $10 on Ebay! It’s an older Forever 21 blouse in perfect condition, fits great and is super comfortable!

beltsA couple of belts! I’d been wanting a few and Sam was ordering some stuff from Amazon so I scoured their belt section for some things I liked. These were really cheap, like maybe $15 total with shipping? I think they’ll look nice with my classic things.

rainbowskirtProbably the most exciting thing in this post, the rainbow skirt is done! I deviated from my initial gathered idea for something a little more sweet for trim. I also did my first half-elastic waistband using this tutorial. It was pretty easy and it comes out looking sooo nice! Plus it’s super comfy. I really happy with it, and I got lots of compliments when I wore it out yesterday!


I also bought/made some hair stuff recently. The little rose clips and cream and mint bows are from Claires and the little rainbow ones I made. I was running really low on the rainbow fabric by the time I was done with the skirt, so these were about all I could squeeze out of the scraps. I might go back and get a little more for a bigger bow or something, but I’m pretty happy with these for right now.

Whew, that’s quite a lot! I’m hoping to get started on one of the other skirts today, not sure which one yet.