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So here’s the first steps of my wardrobe improvement: craft shopping! I went to Joanns and Hobby Lobby armed with coupons and a very weak will when it comes to sale prices, apparently. So I definitely wanted a white skirt and lavender skirt, and I ended up with the supplies to make 3 skirts instead! Thankfully there were quite a few sales going on so I didn’t spend a crazy amount. Here are the designs I’m planning on:

skirtdesignsI’ll probably add a ruffle to the bottom of the lavender skirt, and the weirdly drawn section at the bottom of the rainbow skirt is supposed to be a gathered section like these.

fabricPretty fabric! That’s white, lavender, and of course rainbow! When I saw it I couldn’t resist. Plus, the idea behind this wardrobe makeover is added versatility, and what could be more versatile than fabric with ALL THE COLORS?

closeupIt’s a bit hard to see in the last photo, so I took a close-up of the lavender. Yup, those are sparkles.

lacePicked up some lace! Top lace will be for the white skirt, I’ll be (attempting) to dye the middle lace lavender to go with the lavender skirt, and the bottom will be used for the rainbow skirt if I feel like I need it.

othersuppliesAnd here’s all the fairly uninteresting things haha. Zippers and elastic for half-elastic waistbands, thread, skirt hooks, interfacing, and purple dye.

yarnThis also made it’s way into my basket at Hobby Lobby. It matches my lavender fabric perfectly, and it was on sale! So maybe I’ll make some accessories to match? A detachable collar or a beret or something, not sure yet.

So anyway! I’ve got a day off tomorrow so I’m hoping to start work on things then!