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I’ve been thinking about doing some wardrobe improvement lately. I’ve had a bad habit for a long time of buying things I like and want (or I get a really good deal on) instead of having a definite idea of what I want for my wardrobe and what would really be useful as far as making coordinates. So I’m trying to be better about that, and here is roughly what I’m hoping to do:


  • Finish altering Bodyline jsk- I started altering a Bodyline jsk to better suit my needs a while ago, and I really don’t have too much left to do I’ve just been putting it off!
  • Black hairbow- I’m in desperate need for something simple and more on the sweet side to go with black outfits.
  • Cream headpiece (headdress?)– I don’t have much in the way of cream for headwear either, not sure what I want yet.
  • Trim white sheer socks– I got some lace knee socks last summer and never really wore them, but I think a little lace trim on the top old school style would help that.
  • Madoka necklace– I got a soul gem phone charm at Animazement in the hopes of turning it into a necklace and I just really need to do that!
  • Something with Totoro charms– Sam bought me some cuuute little Totoro charms and I’d like to make some jewelry with them as well, not sure what yet though.
  • Fix pink shoes- My pink shoes are falling apart a bit, but I’m hoping it’s mostly things I can fix.
  • White hair bows on combs/clips- More hair accessories! Something simple and sweet.
  • Small Repairs– Just a couple of odds and ends to fix up. Nothing huge, just a little hot glue here, a couple stitches there, but I want to make sure to keep my wardrobe in nice condition!


  • White Shoes– One day, I will own white shoes again! One day~
  • Cream shoes– Between cream and brown I think I’m leaning towards cream, at the very least I might be able to find some cheaper brown mary janes come fall whereas cream shoes seem impossible to find in normal stores.
  • Belts! I really like the look of belts, but I only own a few. A couple more would be a nice addition to my wardrobe and an inexpensive one at that!
  • Shrugs- It’s hot out, so a couple nice short sleeved shrugs would be great for wearing with dresses or over shirts with skirts. I could also probably make these, but they’re pretty easy and cheap to find, so I’d rather focus on other things.
  • Blouses- I just need a couple of basic blouses, probably black and maybe cream? Simple stuff that I’m just really lacking.

Buying or Making:

  • Lavender Skirt or JSK– I love lavender, and I own a lot of lavender accessories, but no actual lavender clothing! I think a skirt would be nice and versatile.
  • White Skirt- As much as I love wearing casual lolita, I am seriously lacking in plain skirts! A white one would be really versatile for me.
  • Cutsews– Again, just easy casual stuff especially for summertime.

Fun Stuff: (aka the stuff I don’t really need to make my wardrobe better, but would like some anyway!)

  • Wristcuffs- I totally don’t own any! I feel like an improper lolita.
  • Printed Tights– I feel like these would jazz up some of the simpler pieces I’m adding to my wardrobe.
  • Brooches- I have a lot of scraps and trim and things sitting around, I think brooches would be a nice use for some of that!
  • Hair Accessories- I know I’ve totally already talked about hair stuff, but there are a couple of pieces in particular I’d like to have specific matching hair things for.

I’ll probably do a couple of haul-type posts and some sewing and jewelry making as well to keep you guys updated on my process! I’m pretty excited about it.