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Hello all! May has been so very busy, and I’m happy that I finally have just a smidge of down time to share my adventures with you! As previously mentioned, I spent the first two weeks of May in Europe, a week in London and a week in Paris. It was amazing! I saw and did so many cool things. One of those things was my first trip to a brand store! I visited the Baby the Stars Shine Bright shop in Paris, and it was amazing after all these years to finally set foot in a store full of the clothes I love.


Here I am outside the store in my boring tourist clothes haha. It was so pink and cute!


What is that mysterious purchase with my fancy bag from Laduree?


Why it’s a parasol, of course! I had been wanting to buy a new black parasol for a while, but quite a few brands have stopped shipping them overseas because of damage, so this was a perfect oppertunity. The lovely girl at the shop wrapped it up so well and I took it as a carry-on item on both the flight from Paris to Miami and Miami back to Raleigh just fine. This one is the Felice Frill Umbrella from Baby, and is super ruffly and cute, I just love it!


I also picked up a little friend while I was there! I didn’t think I’d get as much use out of a bigger Usakamiya, but this little guy was just right! I plan to put him on bags, he would get really dirty and beat up attached to my phone.

It was really cool to see everything in person, and I’m hoping one day that I’ll get a chance to go to Japan and visit all sorts of shops!

Animazement was also this last weekend! I opted out of panel hosting so the con was pretty relaxed for me. I did a bit of cosplaying and of course wore some lolita.


  • Hair Flowers: Claires + H&M
  • Cutsew:?
  • Skirt: Lady Sloth
  • Tights: Target
  • Shoes: Belks
  • Wig: Anime Stuff Store

Something a little fancy for the formal dance on Friday night with my boyfriend! Sam doesn’t have an excuse to dress up often so we got some cute couple-y pictures. I felt very elegant in this outfit, I wanted something pretty comfortable but still fancy and this definitely fit the bill. I’ll probably do a review of this wig sometime in the near future, it was really useful for times during the con when my hair was too much of a mess to wear but I wanted something more subtle, and boy was it easy to wear!


  • OP: Emily Temple Cute
  • Blouse & Headdress: Bodyline
  • Socks: Hand-trimmed
  • Shoes: Old Payless Shoes
  • Parasol: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
  • Headdress: Bodyline

Photo from monoe on Tumblr! Ahh the Old-School outfit! My friend Heather did a retrospective panel about how lolita has changed over the years and I volunteered for wearing some old school. This dress is originally from 2003, so it fit the bill pretty well, and then I just had to wear all of the silly old fashioned things. Peter Pan collared blouse of course, lace topped socks and a lace topped tote (that you can’t see very well here), rectangular headdress, and some really ugly shoes. At some point I need to wear this again and have a super scowl-filled photoshoot. I’m so bad at not smiling haha. We had a lovely meetup after the panel with old friends and new, and it was so nice to see everyone.

It was a great weekend! It’s always so nice to have a weekend full of cosplay and lolita.