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I’ve been wearing lolita quite a bit lately, so I have a bit of a backlog of outfits to share!

Daily Outfit: January 21, 2013


  • JSK: Angelic Pretty
  • Socks: Secret Shop
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Bag: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
  • Cardigan: Forever 21
  • Blouse: K-Mart
  • Necklace: Metamorphose

I’m totally holding my bag backwards in this picture, good job self! I tried coordinating the bright bright neon pink that is French Cafe with a softer more standard pastel pink. I think it worked pretty well!

Daily Outfit: January 25, 2013



  • OP: Emily Temple Cute
  • Blouse: Vintage
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Flower clips: H&M

An outfit for a icy/snowy/winter mixy day! I braved the weather to go grocery shopping with my boyfriend, so I figured I might as well look pretty doing it.



And here I am actually bundled up and ready to face the elements!

Daily Outfit: January 28, 2013



  • JSK: Metamorphose
  • Tights: Sock Dreams
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Cardigan: Forever 21
  • Collar: Handmade
  • Beret: H&M

I really love this coordinate. Something about the cream and brown and furry collar and braids is really appealing to me.

Daily Outfit: Feburary 2, 2013



  • T-shirt: One of those 24-hour t-shirt sites, can’t remember which
  • Skirt: Metamorphose
  • Headband: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Tights: Sock Dreams
  • Bag & Belt: Charming Charlie

Some casual lolita for running errands (and buying sock yarn!) I’ve been wanting to wear this skirt and shirt together for a while, they match so well! I’m really pleased with how it looks all together.

Daily Outfit: February 9, 2013


  • JSK, Bag, & Headband: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
  • Tights: Target
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Blouse: K-Mart

My outfit for our local Valentines Day meetup! I always end up dressing to theme for this one haha, pink and red for the past three years! I hadn’t worn this dress in a while, it’s just a biiiiit too fancy to wear for every day, so I thought I’d wear it for a special occasion. I was thrilled to find these tights at Target, it’s so hard to match Baby’s wine red, and these are pretty damn close. I’m also really pleased with how my hair turned out! It had all collapsed by the end of the day but it looked nice for pictures anyway :D

Whew! Sorry for the big photo dump! I hope you guys enjoyed it anyway.