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I just had to do this post. I’m currently working at a coffeehouse, so this post idea was perfect for me! I had a lot of ideas, Alice in Wonderland themed, super sweet candy shop style, etc. But I ended up settling on a library/classic theme, I liked the appeal of having shelves full of books for patrons to buy or read and a very cozy feel to a cafe.

So first things first, gotta have cute outfits for employees to wear right?

Cafe Girl
Cafe Boy

I wanted to go with both a lolita and boystyle outfit to match! I wanted to match with the theme so I went with kind of muted colors, greens and browns. I also went with a few things for ease and comfort. Pulling shots of espresso and using syrups is messy business, so an apron for the lolita outfit and a vest for the boystyle. Also, short sleeves for both! To avoid getting steamed milk on sleeves and to keep cool. Some little book/written word accessories to match and they’re all done!

Library Cafe

Here’s some decor stuff I put together too! I really liked the weathered look, and of course lots of books and coffee!

For other ideas I really liked the thought of doing full tea services, and also maybe a similarly structured meal with coffee instead of tea. I like the idea of book themed pastries and small meals, maybe named after famous novels or authors? There would of course be a book club, and maybe a small area to sell local crafters wares? Particularly jewelry and hair accessories I think, just a nice display in a corner of the shop.

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