Man, have I been busy. I just started a new job last month, which has involved a move so I’ve been really busy settling in at both work and the new apartment, plus holiday business! And I start up another grad school course in the next few weeks D: So much to do you guys!

Because of the move, I haven’t been wearing much lolita because I just brought stuff up for work and casual stuff! However after Christmas I was happy to lug back a big suitcase of stuff and get it settled in my new closet.

unpacking1Suitcase full of stuff! And a ton of hangers haha. I brought just enough! I’ll have to grab some more next trip.

unpacking2And here it is all hung up! My pettis are up top there, I hardly ever hang them up because I always seem to run out of skirt hangers. I tried to bring some versatile stuff so I’d be able to get more use out of it, but I don’t know how well that actually worked in practice. It still looks very sparse in there, but that’s only about…maybe half of my wardrobe? And most of the rest of it is dresses, so those take up a lot of space.

Anyway I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season! Hopefully I’ll be back to more regular posts now that everything has calmed down a little bit.