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As you guys are probably aware, I’m a biiiig crafter, and I love making things for people for holidays. It’s budget-friendly, fun, and it shows someone you really care.   It’s also a great idea for the gift swaps or secret santas that a lot of communities do this time of year! There’s a lot of ideas I have for the holiday season and it’s a pretty big range so I’m going to group them by hobby!


I’m a big proponent of making food for people for gifts. If you know their taste in food (and if they have any allergies, yipe!) it’s a gift they’ll definitely enjoy. No worry about whether or not they’ll get any use out of a gift! It’s also a great gift for any type of lolita. Cookies are of course a very easy choice, especially dressed up in a cute tin or in a sweet little box. I would recommend if you’re the kind of person who bakes for friends a lot to switch things up a bit and try something fancy or unusual. It’s also something you can suit to their style as a nice added touch! These button cookies are super cute for a sweet lolita, and so are these candy colored meringues! Maybe use some forest animal cookie cutters for a more mori-leaning classic lolita or something a little more elegant like these Raspberry Linzer Windowpanes. For those who lean in the gothic direction, there’s still quite a lot of craft stores, like Joanns, that have Halloween baking supplies on super sale, making it the perfect chance to scoop up some skull or bat cookie cutters, also maybe something dark and decadent, these double chocolate chip cookies fit the bill. …actually screw style preference, I’d bake anybody those double chocolate chip cookies! There’s also cupcakes, petit fours, brownies,  you know, all the favorites. But why not try something a bit out of the box like making jam? This tutorial looks pretty easy and super delicious! You’d also make enough for plenty of gifts to go around. You could even make sweet little gingham toppers and labels ala Angelic Pretty’s Sweet Jam if you were feeling ambitious!

Yarn Crafts

Aww yeeees, it’s knitting season for me. I’ve already cranked out a pair of socks and a hat and I’m considering another hat for myself and getting started on the handknit things for family and friends. I also do crochet a bit, and both are great warm cozy crafts this time of year! There are a ton of things you can make out of yarn, hats, scarves, gloves, etc. Some particular patterns that come to mind are this pretty crocheted collar, this elegant knit lace beret, and these lovely knit & crocheted mitts!


Sewing for gifts is great, especially accessories! Hair accessories are probably your best bet as far as sewing goes. Headbows, bonnets, and even hats are great options. Perhaps a cute brooch, a bow clutch, or the sweetest little macaron coin purse?

Misc. Crafts

Jewelry making is a great idea, and easily customizable for style. If you’re particularly artistically inclined, why not a portrait of the recipient in their favorite dress? If you’ve got some fabric paint lying around, why not try freezer paper stenciling? A tote bag would be a nice idea, or maybe even a cute t-shirt! Shoe clips are really easily made, and are crazy adorable. Soap making is a cool option too! Plus molds come in all different lovely types like cameos, fancy floral hearts, or life like cupcakes! You could decorate some fake nails, a journal, or a phone case! I’ve also posted some tutorials on here myself, if you’d be interested! There’s some bookmarks, a pirate chest purse, a felt ornament, and a bow belt!

Whew! So many gift ideas, so little time! I hope at least one of these bazillion thoughts were helpful for you. Lets face it though, one could always use more crafty inspiration, so here are the other blogs who’ve done this post:

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