This post got me thinking today about how long I’ve actually known about lolita fashion, and thinking back to my first couple of attempts. My memories of all that sort of thing is kind of fuzzy. I didn’t particularly ponder keeping anything for posterity or keeping track of pictures or anything like that. That was partially because the community was very different back then. daily_lolita didn’t exist, and there were no lolita-based blogs. It was only really common to post pictures of daily outfits if you wanted to share something cool (you ordered brand from overseas! Gasp!) or you did a photoshoot or needed help. It’s also because I did the math and I’ve been into lolita for 8 or 9 years now, and I never expected my interest to last this long, so it wasn’t really a big deal to keep track of.

But I rummaged through and found some old, old, things to share. Essentially what I did was scour an old photobucket album haha. I found pictures of some of my earliest stuff, and from there I found my first post on egl. It’s stuff I’ve never shared with you guys,  not because I was embarrassed (although it is pretty ridiculous, but everyone goes through an ita phase, right?) but because I didn’t even remember it existed! So, for your viewing pleasure, my early attempts.

Aww yesss. This is pretty glorious. I’m pretty sure that capelet was in fact a skirt worn over my shoulders and tied with a ribbon in front. Also I have no idea what’s going on with the pickups in the skirt. I really don’t remember doing anything to it, but obviously I did.

Here’s a closeup on that ridiculous hat. If I remember right it was made of poster board and felt.

I think these are probably the worst of it though. Oh the bad lace. The random bow.

Oh yeah, there was a skirt to go with. It had a bustle! And pockets! It was mid-thigh length! There was cheap lace! And satin ribbon! You guys should definitely be proud of me for this beauty.

I think I’ve probably shared this with you guys before. But the gem of the thing is not necessarily the (not quite as awful) outfit, but the post that goes with. It’s especially strange to see how overly accommodating and nice people were!

At the time we were all pretty disorganized and not nearly as well informed. Back then there were no guide sites, though I do remember looking at Blue Period, Avant Gauche, and Poor Dolly (which is now gone, thanks to Geocities) so it was a bit harder to figure out what was lolita. The fashion itself was even not quite organized, street snaps ranged drastically from what I would just generally consider punk fashion to otome to aristocrat to what we now consider old school lolita, even lots of more fetish clothes, all under the same umbrella of “Gothic and Lolita.” But I digress! I hope you guys enjoyed this stroll down memory lane, regardless of my “walked to school in the snow uphill both ways” ramblings haha.

If you’re an old hat at lolita, what are your earliest memories of the fashion and the community? And for you whippersnappers, did you go through an ita phase? I feel like it’s becoming less and less the more information we spread around, so I’m curious if that still happens as much.