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Recently a bunch of brands have released Disney prints in collaboration with Laforet’s 110 year Disney Anniversary celebration. Sadly, none of these are available for overseas sale (even the brands that do ship overseas) because of licensing rights with Disney. I’m crossing my fingers that it won’t be a problem when they hit places like Closet Child though, I’d really love to get my hands on some of these! However, for the time being, we can appreciate the pretty pictures anyway.

Angelic Pretty

AP’s got a cute Alice in Wonderland jsk out, featuring lots of characters and two very different colorways.

And of course lots of cute accessories. I love the tea cup necklace! Their page about it is here.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright/Alice and the Pirates

Baby and AttP have a whole slew of stuff out, including exclusives for Laforet. This is one of Baby’s standard jsks, it also comes in 4 other colors! Lots of options.

And here’s AttP’s! I can’t really decide which print style I like best from them, they’re both really lovely! Sadly I can’t find a collab page anymore, though.


Putumayo’s stuff isn’t really lolita, it’s more towards their casual style, but I thought I’d share anyway because it’s super cute! I like this Alice OP, the neckline print is a really nice touch!

I also really love this Nightmare Before Christmas top! It’s the only Nightmare thing I’ve seen, all of the other stuff is either Alice, Snow White, or Mickey. They have a few more things on this page.

Jane Marple

Jane Marple’s collection mostly features Snow White!

I adore this one, a Snow White take on the classic painting dress!

The front of this sweater says “Dreams Come True” but I just had to feature that big Mickey on the back! Too cute. More details here.


I believe Meta just made this one set. I love the card suits at the bottom of the apron, and it is really nice to see an actual Alice dress in the collection! More photos here.

Emily Temple Cute

Emily Temple Cute’s items might be my favorite, I love the choice of Snow White comic book panels!

The matching tights are totally the highlight though, so cute! More info (and a tote bag!) here.

I think that’s all! That’s all I’ve happened across anyway. I really love this idea, I’m a big Disney nerd so it’s really cool to see Disney art on lolita clothes. I think my favorites are a tie between ETC and Baby, but that Jane Marple painting dress is pretty gorgeous too. Which one do you like best?