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The Lolita Blog Carnival prompt this week is “Your style outside of lolita!” If you asked me a few years ago what I wore out of lolita I would probably say, “Pajamas and outfits for formal occasions,” haha. These days I find that lolita is a bit difficult for me to wear on a day-to-day basis. It’s not that I’ve stopped wearing the fashion, but I do find myself leaning toward the part-time lolita side of things.

So this prompt seemed really fitting to me! Also, finding pictures of me in normal clothes past 2006 or so is rare haha. I just rarely take pictures unless I’m doing something cool so most pictures are lolita or cosplay. That being said, these are all thrown on today to give you an idea of how I dress when I’m not in lolita.

So first is something a bit casual that I wore the other day. Sleeping Beauty is one of my favorite Disney movies but that sweater is hard to coordinate D: Also I’ve been wearing those jeans all the time lately. They’re from H&M and are super comfortable. Plus they’re lavender. How could I resist?

The middle is something a bit more dressed up, obviously. I’d probably wear this to some sort of business situation or out to a nice dinner. The dress is from Target and miraculously fits well, is comfortable, and is versatile. It’s a trifecta I find really hard to accomplish in any clothing, especially the fit. I have a very hourglass figure, which I like, but it’s hard to wear dresses in particular because of that.

The last outfit is more standard casual clothes for me. I have a big collection of tights and socks, and I tend to pair them with black on a pretty regular basis. Plus, nerd shirt. I have quite a few nerd shirts at this point, I started poking around for them a few years ago when it was still really hard to find girl sizing, but in the past few years tons of awesome online shirt stores have popped up. As such, I now have a lot of shirts. So many shirts. Also, these boots are pretty much the most comfortable footwear I own. I bought them for my Ramona Flowers cosplay and I’ve basically not taken them off since.

My style outside of lolita isn’t that interesting I guess. I think mostly because I wear other stuff most often when I feel obligated to (business or formal situations) or when I want to be comfortable! I hope this was fun to see anyway.

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