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In the past year or so I’ve made so many polyvore sets, most of them requests from one of my tumblrs, fyeahnerdylolitas. I thought I’d pull out some of the easier ones to put together to share with you guys as ideas for Halloween! Themed lolita is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I sure do love it and it’s the perfect time of year to try it out.

Miss Frizzle

Ms Frizzle Lolita

If you’re about my age, you’ll recognize her immediately. Ms. Frizzle of Magic School Bus fame is pretty much the best teacher ever. It’s also a pretty loli-able outfit to put together. She tends to wear kind of 50s style shirt dresses, which look quite a bit like our puffy skirted aesthetic really well! I’d suggest some sort of star print, it’s the easiest of her themes to find in lolita (still waiting on a volcano dress, brands…) and it’s pretty easy to find matching accessories for too. A curly wig to top it off and some sort of lizard plush would be great!

Jedi/Sith Lolita

Jedi and Sith Lolita

Both of these are pretty easy to assemble! Classic lolitas might have an easier time with a Jedi outfit and gothic lolitas would probably have things in their wardrobe to go with the Sith. I used some of those long flowy cardigans that I see everywhere these days in place of robes and some large belts to cinch everything in. Add a toy lightsaber (or one of the fancy ones, if you have one!) and you’re all ready to go.


Super Girl Loli!
Superheros have been as popular as ever this year, and depending on your hero or heroine of choice it can be a pretty easy casual outfit to put together. Grab a superhero logo t-shirt (Hot Topic has a pretty good selection of mostly DC shirts for women, and We Love Fine has a pretty wide range of Marvel) and coordinate in colors to match. Keep in mind though that some superheros have a lot easier color palettes to find in lolita than others!
I hope these inspire you a bit! If you’re looking for a bit more inspiration, you should scroll through my polyvore sets, there’s quite a few in there that should be useful!