This week’s theme is three trends you could never get into, and I must admit it was harder than I thought it would be to think of things! I like pretty much everything, so the stuff I avoid is kind of few and far between. I did manage to pin down a few though!

Big Wigs

More specifically I’m talking about the big wigs with the clip-in pigtails. It’s a cute trend, but I never got into it for a couple of reasons. I wear a pretty big range of styles, and on top of that I’m a cosplayer. So when I purchase a wig, I look for something that’s going to be versatile. I also just don’t think they’d suit me.

Ankle Socks

These are a pretty standard seasonal trend, brands put them out every summer. It’s something about the proportions of sock to legs that looks weird to me, so I never warmed up to them.

Baggy Dresses

These have been around forever, although I feel like I’ve been seeing them more often lately. I just think they look really unflattering. A big part of what I love about lolita is the fitted tops and poofy skirts, so the overall all-poofy look just looks awkward to me.

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