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Hello all! I’m so sorry I’ve been absent for so long. This past month has been pretty crazy. I’ve taken two big out of state trips, had a family emergency that turned out just fine (thankfully!), started another course, and caught a cold. Not necessarily in that order, but definitely all in the past month! Anyway, the next few months are looking decidedly less crazy, so hopefully blogging will be back to normal.

Of those two out of state trips, one of them was of course Star Wars Celebration VI! This year was just as amazing as two years ago. I wore some crazy things, saw a lot of amazing costumes and props and sets, watched Carrie Fisher sing the Life Day song from the Christmas Special, and Mark Hamill do a full monologue as the Joker. Oh and Seth Green made a DuJour reference. And the Emperor attacked us with force lightning. I’m having a hard time squeezing all the awesome into one little space, but suffice to say that everything was so cool.

Anyway, I finished that Death Star dress! There were quite a few complications, but everything turned out just fine.

Daily Outfit: August 25, 2012

  • JSK & Bow: Handmade
  • Blouse: Ann Taylor Loft
  • Tights: Delias
  • Shoes: Macy’s
  • Bracelets: Target
  • Ring: Forever 21

The complete outfit! It was super comfy because they keep the convention floor fairly cold. I neglected to take a photo of the back while I was wearing it, so here’s a finished shot of the bustle back:

Mostly just because it was the trickiest part to get right and I don’t know that I’ll be doing that again any time soon, so here are the ruffles that plagued me so!

But I did manage to get a photo in Emperor Palpatine’s chair!

I didn’t get recognized as a lolita or anything, but I did get some compliments on my dress and questions about the applique, so that was nice.

Oh and here’s a couple of photos of my other outfits, for good measure:

I wore Padme again! I’m not sure if I ever posted this here last time I wore it or not. Anyway, I was glad it held up okay and I’m getting much better at putting all of that makeup on!

And my friend Claire and I made matching lady versions of Han and Chewie! These were a lot of fun to wear, but I don’t know that I’ll be rushing to sew and/or wear fur again anytime soon.

That’s enough Star Wars silliness for now, I think! I’m hoping to get a change to wear more lolita now that fall is on it’s way! I definitely have an outfit in planning for the Renaissance Faire and I’m hoping to get to some meetups soon too. I should also redo my layout sometime soon, it suddenly occurs to me that I’ve had this one quite a while!