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This is pretty much what my life has looked like the past week or two when I’m not busy staring at a blank Microsoft Word document in the vague hopes that my first grad school class’ final paper will write itself! I’m hard at work on my costuming and lolita plans for Star Wars Celebration VI.

That would be the design for my Death Star dress up there and most of the progress I’ve made thus far. The bustle is finally done, ended up being more ruffles than I originally planned thanks to my inability to do math, but everything worked out just fine.

I’m pretty much just crossing my fingers that I can get everything done on time at this point! I’ve got a very busy schedule for the rest of the month so I can’t promise that updates will be frequent, but I will definitely try and keep up with some sewing posts and of course some fabulous Celebration pictures at the end of the month!