I don’t know about you guys but I love virtual dress up dolls. Few things are more delightful time wasters. However, I see a lot of not very lolita dress up dolls labeled lolita, so I thought I’d talk about some of the better ones I’ve found after scouring the internet (and testing them out myself of course!)

Country Lolita Dressup Doll

This one is incomplete, but with it’s current selection it’s definitely playable! I really like this one a lot, it’s predominately classic and country and a little bit old school, which are styles you don’t see much in dress up games.

Decololi Dress Up Game

This one is, as the name suggests, all sweet. It’s cute, and there’s some interesting options for prints. Although, I wouldn’t say this was necessarily deco, there’s not more accessories than other games or anything.

Lolita Fashion Creator

This one is super cute! It’s got a pretty big range of options for a bunch of different styles and plenty of colors.

Lolita Dressup Game

This one’s been around a while, so most of you have probably seen it. It’s a bit old school, which is nice, and there’s lots of little odds and ends to decorate with!

Anime Romantic Girl Dress Up Game

This one isn’t even labeled as lolita, but most of the clothes fall under that umbrella. The art is really nice on this one, but it’s a shame it cuts off so high on the girl, it means no socks and shoes :C

I hope you guys enjoy these! Are there any others you would recommend?