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For a little while now I’ve been meaning to put together some sort of scrapbook for my lolita stuff. I’ve accumulated a ton of bits and bobs, brand tags, movie tickets from meetups, programs, etc. and I they’ve just been sitting around in my desk drawer. I’ve also been longing to do some book binding. I learned how years ago and I rarely get the chance to put those skills to work. So I smushed those two ideas into one project!

Here’s my new lolita scrapbook! It’s currently still empty, but I plan on spending some time getting it started this afternoon. I thought I’d show off the book as-is though, I’m very proud of it. The covers are made with cardboard, scrapbooking paper, and that model is from an old Meta catalogue.

Here’s the inside! The end paper is just a lovely textured scrapbooking paper and the pages were stolen from an old half-used sketchbook.

Here’s the spine, it’s just a simple coptic stitch. It’s a little messy because I’m a bit out of practice haha. It should hold up fine anyway.

I’ll share some more pictures when I’ve started on the pages!