Daily Outfit April 10, 2012:

  • Skirt: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
  • Socks & Shoes: Bodyline
  • Bag: H&M
  • Shrug: Target
  • Everything Else: mysterious offbrand

I love this skirt! I haven’t had much of a chance to wear it so I was happy to have a chance to put this together. The print is Sugar Rose Cake, and I love how the black makes the pink cakes pop :D

Daily Outfit April 16, 2012:

  • OP: Emily Temple Cute
  • Bag: Baby
  • Socks: Sock Dreams
  • Shoes & Headdress: Bodyline

I hosted a little picnic and it was pretty warm out so I went with this old school outfit I’d packed. I recently found out this OP is from somewhere around 2003 or earlier, which surprised me!

Daily Outfit April 17, 2012

  • OP: Emily Temple Cute
  • Tights: We Love Colors
  • Shrug: Target
  • Purse: H&M
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Bracelet: Claires
  • Hat: Vintage

I can never wear enough of this print, really. Pippi makes me so happy, lounging around reading books on the bottom of my dress :D

Whew! Quite a few outfits for one post. Now that it’s spring time I’ve felt like wearing my frills so much more often. Warm, sunny, weather is so nice for feeling pretty.