Most girls who enter lolita fashion have a large preference for one style. I know plenty of people that are exclusively gothic, sweet, or classic. I’ve never leaned in one direction. I have a range of classic and sweet and enough stuff that fits under the gothic umbrella that I can wear it in that manner if I so choose. I am not a sweet lolita, a classic lolita, or a gothic lolita. I’m a bit of all of them!

It’s not easy. It makes things really hard sometimes because there’s such a range I have to be concerned with. When you’re a sweet lolita you wouldn’t look twice at a Moitie print and when you’re a gothic lolita you wouldn’t dream of any of Angelic Pretty’s plastic jewelry. But I snatch things up pretty much as they come my way if I like them. So I have to fill in the blanks. I know I’m not the only one with this problem, and it can be especially difficult for girls just starting out because you can’t just buy four crazy dresses and expect them all to suddenly mesh into one wardrobe! So I thought I’d share some advice about how I make my crazy preferences work for me.

Using a Couple of Basics for Multiple Styles

Here’s just a couple examples of how certain items can translate easily from one style to another. Using the same blouse and shoes, I put together three different styled outfits!

  • Basics are your best friend. Especially neutral basics. Black, white, and cream/brown are of the utmost importance. They make beginning coordinates easy and carry over from style to style. I’d suggest shoes and blouses in these colors because they’re the easiest pieces to use in multiple styles. Also be careful to avoid things that are particularly themed when you’re buying basics. A pair of plain black shoes with simple bow details will be a lot more useful to you than say, a pair with chains on them.
  • Offbrand, offbrand, offbrand. You guys are probably so tired of me talking about buying things offbrand, but it really is a great idea. The wider the range of stuff you like, the more you’ll need to get started, so buying stuff from places like Forever 21 can save you a lot of money.
  • Accessories! Nothing makes an outfit like accessories, and jewelry especially is really easy to find cheap and thereby have plenty of! A few years ago I barely owned any jewelry and now I have quite a bit, it’s helped my coordinates look much more put together and given me options to spice things up if I want to!
  • Think before you buy. When you like pretty much everything it makes it difficult not to scoop up everything that comes along. Be aware of what you have in your closet and what you could use. I keep a little list in a notebook of stuff that would be really useful to have so I don’t have to search my brain so thoroughly when I find something I like for sale.
  • Keep in mind what can shift from one style to another. Some stuff just doesn’t work well with certain styles. An elegant pair of black heels might work well for gothic and classic, but not be very good for sweet, for example.
  • Don’t worry about categories. If you think something looks good but can’t quite place it as a certain sub style, don’t stress. It might make it annoying when sorting through tags on daily lolita, but overlap is a pretty normal thing.

I hope these helped, especially for those of you with a crazy random wardrobe like me!