In the grand scheme of things, I think Meta has been one of the few brands to stay pretty consistent over the years. Beautiful prints with interesting themes, a wide variety of styles, and every now and then something crazy. They’ve even kept those ridiculous raschel lace overlays! But they haven’t resisted the changing tides entirely. So I was pleasantly surprised to see this on their Japanese site today:

Meta used to be pretty well known for their uniform-style clothes, especially this super rare 2003 nurse set:

Which looks so strikingly similar! The series is called Engelsbeginn, or, scandalously, D.Walkure II. This series thankfully manages to avoid looking offensive and looks more medical than military, but the styling is mildly similar. Medical themed things haven’t been popular with brands for a long time, ever since the transition from more cosplay styles to more fashion outfits that saw rectangular headdresses and aprons go. I think it’s pretty cool though, and no doubt it will sell well with how hard to find and expensive the original 2003 set is. There’s some more pictures of different color schemes (all named after angels, to add an extra level of confusion) over here!