I’m sorry I’ve been pretty absent lately! I’ve been busy with various life things. I have found the time to make some ridiculous nerdy polyvore sets though, at the request of some people over at my nerdy lolita tumblr. I thought I’d share some of them, I haven’t done a post with polyvore sets in a long time and I still think they’re really fun to do!

The most challenging and rewarding sets I was asked to do were based on Team Fortress haha. Some sets were much harder than others, but I got a great reaction from fans of the game on Tumblr, so here they are:

Click to see them bigger!

Speaking of nerdy ruffled things, I’ve also applied to do a Nerdy Lolita panel for Animazement this year! I’m half nervous and half super excited. I really enjoy incorporating my nerdy loves into lolita. I was a nerd long before I was a lolita after all, and those interests have only grown in the time that I’ve been a lolita. I feel like it’s only natural for me to throw on a Doctor Who shirt and a puffy skirt. But I realize that there’s a big emphasis on lolita being a fashion and not a costume, and I hope that I’m not too over the line on that. I’ve gotten a lot of support over on Tumblr for the things that I post and my lolita friends seem to think it will be a fun idea, so I have high hopes for it. I’m not sure what sort of nerdy outfit I’ll be wearing though! If I have a hard time deciding maybe I’ll let you guys help me choose.