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I don’t really talk about it much, but I travel quite a bit these days. Not long distances, just an hour and a half or so away and back, but I do it pretty much once every two weeks. My boyfriend Sam lives in Greensboro, as do quite a few of my friends, and we find quite a few things to do there, so I’m back and forth quite a lot. It’s not ideal and I’m hoping it will change sometime in the next year or so but for now it’s not too bad.

My biggest problem is that I’m terrible at packing. You should have seen the amount of stuff I brought to Celebration. I took up pretty much the whole trunk. I’ve been trying to get better but I still find myself lugging around several bags for being away half a week. After all that, I still don’t use half of the stuff I bring! So I’ve decided to challenge myself, and share what I hope is some interesting things with all of you.

My plan is pretty simple: Organize coordinates ahead of time, take pictures of them, take pictures of me wearing them, and analyze what worked and what didn’t. This will help me to both cut down on my packing space used and make it easier for me to put together an outfit if I’m in a hurry. I think it will also help me make better use of my wardrobe, if all goes well! So here’s the first trial!

The Packing Experiments: Case 1

Planned outfits:

First outfit! I started out with this one because I knew I wanted to wear this jsk to a showing of Star Wars Uncut. So I planned this one and went on from there.

Second outfit! Same blouse, purse, and bow, and added a new dress and shoes. I ended up with two pairs of shoes (one fancy and one comfy) and two purses (black and white) which seems overkill, but because I didn’t pack a whole lot of actual clothes there was room for it.

Third outfit! Back to the fancy shoes, adding a different bag and some bows.

Fourth outfit! A bit more gothy, and a little warmer with a new blouse.

Fifth outfit! Back to the Stormtrooper dress, this time with black.


This isn’t super planned out because it’s small so I can pack a bunch of jewelry and make decisions when I actually put the outfit on. The general idea is grey stuff (bow clips, ring, pearls) and Star Wars stuff (necklace & earrings) would all go with the Stormtrooper outfits. The brooch and the birdcage would go with the gothy coordinate, and the pink and black rings and pearl bracelets just kind of go with everything.

Actual Packing:

Jewelry packing! I left out the stuff I would be wearing with my car outfit (I chose outfit 2 for comfort, full shiring and flat shoes). I always pack my jewelry either in it’s specific case (the Star Wars necklace is in the black box and the pearls are in the little pouch) or in my bento (necklaces & bracelets with my hair bands and anything not-tangle-y with my bobby pins)

Bow packing! I realized recently that detachable bows get lost in my luggage or smushed pretty easily. This little Hello Kitty makeup bag solved that problem and it fits easily in the side of the suitcase.

Oh man, I never realized how blog and vlog-conscious I was until I was packing this. Half of my suitcase is cameras haha. They’re easily carried by themselves, but if I can save myself the trouble of everything being separate it’s really helpful. That red bag has makeup, my bento, some jewelry, some hair stuff, etc. I basically just need a better makeup bag but until then the red one just gets packed with smaller stuff so I don’t feel so dumb. The actual clothes and my change of shoes are under the cameras and the red bag. I did carry my Stormtrooper jsk separately though. I don’t do that for all of my dresses but this one in particular wrinkles really easily so rolling it up isn’t ideal.

Actual Luggage List: Suitcase, Tote bag (for laptop, chargers, knitting, and DS), purse, and Stormtrooper dress.  This is definitely one of my lowest baggage counts, so that’s a great improvement!

Outfits in practice:

First outfit! Nothing changed, which is to be expected for the outfit I based my packing around. If I wore this again I might consider either re-making the sadly drooped waist bow or wearing the jsk with a belt. Other than that, it went over really well! I had some lovely costumers compliment me on it and it was comfortable enough for movie watching.

Second outfit! I added a cardigan because it was a little chilly, and a belt. I really like this outfit, it’s probably my favorite of the bunch!

Third outfit! Just added a cardigan. This one went well, but I would have preferred it without the cardigan I think.

Outfit four! (Man my dress looks see-through with that blinding sun haha) I really like this one too! I love that blouse with that OP, it feels very old school. I didn’t change anything about it when I wore it, but I think if I wore it again I’d either wear it with my rectangular headdress or invest in some other sort of headwear, maybe a Baby-style alice bow or a round headdress.

Outfit five! Doesn’t exist haha. I didn’t want to wear my Stormtrooper jsk before going to the movie, just in case I got anything on it, and the next two days were spent doing busy things and I thought shirring would be more comfortable. Oops. I do like that outfit though, it’s a great use for socks I don’t use very often, so I’ll definitely wear it at some point.

All together, I think this experiment worked pretty well. It definitely helped me think more about coordinatinates and how to pack things. I think next time I would pack more large items (skirts and dresses mostly) just to add some variety. I know this post is like a mile long, but would this be the sort of post you guys would like to see on a regular basis? There will be less information on how I pack in subsequent posts, but I think this sort of thing will really benefit me and hopefully be interesting to look at!