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It’s become a bit of a tradition for me to a little yearly roundup post, and this year is no different! Here’s my post from 2010, and one from 2009!

Favorite Fancy Outfit:

This was something a little more gothy and different than I normally wear, and I really enjoyed wearing it! Best of all it was comfy, I love me some comfy outfits.

Favorite Casual Outfit:

It’s got R2D2 in it, need I say more? Seriously though, I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable wearing my nerd stuff with lolita this year, and I’m hoping to continue that trend in the new year!

Cool stuff I did this year: 

  • Went to Colorado! Family vacation to visit my brother, took some lovely pictures of mountains :D
  • Grew my hair out! It’s grown like half a foot. I’m hoping to continue this, I’d like to get better at styling my own hair. Of course knowing me I’ll probably just chop it off in a year or so haha.
  • Wrote a novel! Well kind of. I don’t think I mentioned it here, but I participated in NaNoWriMo this year and made it to 50,000 words! It’s terrible, but it’s novel-length terrible haha.
  • Started vlogging! It’s been kind of tricky keeping up with it, but I’ve really enjoyed learning about making videos :D
  • Got addicted to Charming Charlie! No seriously. BUY ALL THE ACCESSORIES. I’ve been trying to expand my jewelry collection and I think it’s worked pretty well! I still want more though haha.
  • Expanded my wardrobe! Of course. I’ve added quite a few more skirts, and got my first dresses from h.Naoto and Angelic Pretty!
  • Read 50 books! This was one my one resolution, and I just barely made it! If you’d like to see what books I read and what I thought of them, there’s a list over here.

It’s been kind of a rough year to be honest. Losing my Grandfather has been very hard on my family, and most of the summer was very hectic and stressful. But making it to the end of the year always feels like a bright shiny new slate to me, so I have a lot of hopes for 2012. How has your year been, dear readers?