Today I embarked on a little alteration that made me very nervous. Above is a picture of my Bodyline rocking horse shoes. I love the look of the straps wrapping up the legs, but they never stayed up! I tried a few of different methods of keeping them up. Sock glue and double sided tape did no good whatsoever, and safeypins worked but ruined a pair of socks. So, I decided to chop the straps off.

First I attempted to pick off the original velcro, which didn’t work because it was actually glued on under the stitching. So I cut pieces of velcro I had around and estimated where I needed to sew it.

This is the most important thing if you’re doing this, make sure to check where each piece of velcro hits because the straps will not be even in length. The way they wrap and cross over each other means that there’s going to be a slight difference in length, so just measuring the same length on each isn’t going to work when they’re this short.

I sewed each piece on and was pleased to find that my sewing machine had no problem sewing through the straps and velcro.

Once both pieces of Velcro were sewn on I tested them out to make sure the shorter straps would support my ankle well enough. Then I cut the straps!

Dun dun dun! That was definitely the most nerve wracking step. I knew that if I had just sewn velcro on and something didn’t work out I could always just pick out the seams and remove the velcro. But once they are cut, there’s nothing you can do!

And here are my finished shoes! I’m so happy with them, the straps are much more manageable now. It was a pretty unnerving procedure but totally worth it.