As usual, I happened upon this little brand while poking around Tumblr. Shortcake Poodle is a bit of a silly name, but their classic designs and cute details won me over instantly. These are pulled either from their brand website or their blog.

The first piece that caught my eye was this clever little OP. I love the simple design with the lovely overlay. The lace makes little lattice bars that mimic a cage skirt, complete with a little bird screenprint. I love how simple it is, and the little bird detail makes me smile!

Another simple but beautiful piece is this military inspired jsk. I love the little details in the collar and the slightly sloping bodice!

But where Shortcake Poodle really excels is their beautiful (and sometimes a little crazy) headwear!

Faux deer fur is like the thing to have lately, and Shortcake Poodle utilizes it really well with their charming fur headdress. What’s that you say? That thing on the right? Oh well that’s just a book headdress. That’s right. A book to put on your head. Awesome and ridiculous.

On the left is a lovely little birds nest hair clip. I just love how much detail they packed into one little piece! Did you notice that the little bird is wearing a crown? Too cute! On the right are some present box hats! I love that the tops are slightly askew so little candies can peek out.

That’s just a little bit of what they have to offer, so feel free to browse around their website and their blog to see what other goodies they make!