I have a serious bone to pick with lolita brands. My gripe is not with price or sizing, as is normally the case for most brand complaints. It’s image quality.

I know it sounds a little ridiculous, but just think about it for a moment. Lolitas outside of Japan mostly go on nothing other than pictures and some brief information (that might not even be in a language they speak) to purchase these dresses that are very expensive. So you would think that brands would invest in a bit of good equipment and the occasional extra couple of minutes to touch things up in Photoshop. That’s not always the case. Let’s take a look at some of the worst culprits, shall we?

Mary Magdalene:

For one of the most consistently beautiful brands, their pictures sure do suck. Most of this is from poor photoshopping, as seen above. The blue is bad but the pink is just horrendous. Part of the problem is that I’m pretty sure MM doesn’t take individual photos of each dress, they just photoshop it into different colors and call it a day. You can tell from weird edges on hems and the fact that the dresses are all in the exact same position, down to folds in ruffles.


Moitie is one of the worst culprits in all sorts of different ways. The ridiculous neon blue background they had for a while was recently replaced by the sort of mottled backdrop that people use for elementary school photos, their general image quality is consistently bad, their lighting is very hit or miss, and on top of everything their photoshopping is awful! They have improved somewhat recently, but the difference between seeing their clothing in person and looking at their sub-par photos is still vast.


Meta’s problems may not be as severe, but there are still some things they should work on. For example up there on the left is Meta’s picture for Honey Picnic, which is super contrasted and makes the print look really harsh. On the right is a more accurate picture of Honey Picnic from Closet Child which shows the print to be a lot softer and frankly much cuter. Colors in general are not Meta’s strong suit. Black and white they can photograph fine, but most of the time brighter colors are over saturated, sometimes even downright neon in comparison to how they look in real life.

Most other brands take pretty reasonable pictures. It still makes all the difference to see a dress in person of course, just because small details are hard to capture on full-length pictures, but at least nothing Moitie looks like Moitie’s awful pictures haha. Have you guys noticed this about brand photos before?