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In my never-ending scrolling through Tumblr, I came across a character from King of Fighters that I wasn’t familiar with. This isn’t super surprising, I’ve never been big on fighting games, but what did surprise me what how accurate her lolita dress is.

It’s not ideal, it definitely looks pretty dated with the giant bell sleeves, and some of the pieces look pretty costumey, but it’s pretty damn close for a video game. The shape is right, she’s fully clothed, and she even has a different hair accessory than the typical rectangular headdresses that video game designers so love. So this got me thinking a bit about other lolitas (or should I say, “lolitas”) in video games. Lolita is definitely recognizable in Japan, especially among nerdier crowds. So it’s inevitable that it would end up in pop culture. Here are some examples (good and very very bad) in video games:

Margaret Moonlight from No More Heroes 2 would be a pretty reasonable lolita for a video game if she…you know…put on a skirt. A skirt would be nice. She’s not the first attempt at lolita for the No More Heroes either, Bad Girl is apparently based on sweet lolita. …they didn’t learn a whole lot from that experience apparently.

Agitha from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is pretty commonly brought up when mentioning lolitas in video games. Her ouftit is pretty cute, despite weird video game touches like brown gloves and an oddly proportioned parasol. She’s fully covered which is nice, and I like the little bug touches.

The Death Smiles series has quite a few lolita characters, and most of them are pretty well done. That’s Windia, Lei, Supe, and Princess Tiara up there. There’s little things off about them, short skirt on Windia, weird neckline on Lei, and I have no idea what that weird gap is in Supe’s bonnet. Is it a cutout? Is it a flower? I have no idea. Overall though, these are well executed, and only one of them is wearing a rectangular headdress!

In short, I think it’s just important to take every lolita outfit in a video game with a grain of salt. Character designers aren’t paid to research niche fashions, obviously, and sometimes weird (and funny) results came come of it. These are just a few lolita-inspired characters I found in poking around the internet, do you guys have any other favorites? Or even really bad examples, those are always fun too!