It’s kind of a rainy day here today so I thought I’d take advantage of the cloudy-weather lighting to get some pictures of prints. A lot of the problem with buying lolita on the internet is that so much gets lost in pictures. Especially when brand photos aren’t always the best (I’m looking at you Moitie) and they don’t want to photograph a print too closely in case of replicas. A lot of the little details are things you don’t see until you see a dress in person. So here’s some of my favorite little details.

Sugar Rose Cake from Baby has two little bunny bears on every cake, and I love that where the cakes meet up next to one another they look like they could be having a little conversation.

Aatp’s Horoscope print has a whole bunch of constellations, but I think my favorite is Vela. A little ship sailing off into the stars!

Meta’s Old Emblem has a little pink unicorn hidden in it!

And lastly, Baby’s lovely ballerina from Circus Ribbon. I just love her little pointe shoes and parasol.