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It’s almost Halloween, which is one of my very favorite holidays, so I decided to put an inspiration post together about spooky stuff that brands make this time of year! Some of this stuff is just gothic things with themes that remind me of Halloween, and others are specifically stuff that’s Halloween themed.

I’m gonna start out with Antique Beast. They’re a smaller brand, but their gothic pieces are really beautiful.

Click for full sized! Bat winged cape, witch hat, and bat headdress! I love the bat pieces especially, they’re something you could wear with a gothic coordinate on a regular basis, but together they make a very cute Halloween look. I love the witch hat too, the rose details are so pretty!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates have actually done legitimately Halloween-themed prints. Halloween Alice was a print Baby did back in 2007:

It features cute little stripes of trick-or-treaters! There’s little ghosts, some clowns, playing cards, wolves, bunnies, and little spooky trees. I really love the underbust jsk!

Alice and the Pirates just recently released their print The Black Cat, the Witch, and the Apple Tree (…or some sort of related name, I’ve seen it written several ways on their different blogs and such)

One of my favorite things about this print is not only does it have a ridiculous matching hat and some awkward English written on it, but there’s also a few matching boystyle pieces!

Of course if you’re into super sweet with a little bit of creepy, there’s always the much sought-after Tricky Night jewelry series from Angelic Pretty:

They’ve also done a couple of pairs of themed socks in the past:

Those are the Candy Border OTKs in black x orange on the right, and the Tricky Striped OTKs on the left. I love the contrast of cutesy colors like lavender and spooky prints like bats!

What are your favorite things to wear around Halloween time?